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Test THC Percentage Kits

Don't be fooled again!

It's easy for dispensaries to label cannabis products with a THC content number, but how accurate is it really?

Now you can easily test your own cannabis for THC content simply with our new pocket sized kits.

Simply place a small amount of cannabis or hash into the vile, give it a shake, and then clearly see the results.

Too easy. Cheap and affordable.

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 Test for Synthetic Marijuana
Synthetic Marijuana Is A Public Health Disaster - Synthetic cannabis is a real threat to health. Read article

Synthetic cannabinoids , known under a variety of names like spice, K2, or scooby snacks,  are typically synthesized in foreign laboratories and sprayed onto a mix of inactive herbs, then sold with no mention of the active ingredients or their strength.

Congress and state legislatures are trying to keep up with banning the baffling array of new chemicals being introduced by clandestine chemists, but that may actually be leading to the creation of newer, even more dangerous chemicals that we know even less about. Now you can be sure and safe. Buy now

examples of spice drugs.