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How to approach your doctor about using medical cannabis

This website does not guarantee that you will receive a license to obtain, grow, or any other license that you may be applying for, however we do try to provide you with a little insight and common sense, and also, with some personal experience to approach a doctor on the subject of medical cannabis as an alternative medicine.
You may have already discussed the use of medicinal marijuana with your doctor, or you may be a little apprehensive to do so for any number of reasons. It is a good idea for all your health care practitioners to be aware of any therapies you may be thinking of trying. The relationship with your doctor, and how well you talk with each other, affects your care.

 Some doctors may have negative attitudes toward cannabis use in general, but if you are prepared to explain how it helps you, they will most likely be understanding.

Luckily, many doctors who treat people with illness are familiar with the use of cannabis for managing many health issues and symptoms. 

Explain to your doctor, how you are using cannabis (or want to use cannabis) to manage your symptoms. Your doctor will want to understand how you are using or plan on using cannabis, and what effect this is having, or will have on your symptoms and well-being.

Tell your doctor whether you are smoking it, eating it, or using it in some other form, how much and how often you are using cannabis.

Be prepared to explain how cannabis is relieving your symptoms and to say how much cannabis you use, in grams per day.

If you have never used cannabis before, get informed. Speak to others who do use it to manage their symptoms.

 It is Your Body and Your Health.

Speak up and Speak Out!

You will need to raise the issue with your doctor. If you are concerned about their reaction, remember that doctors are there to work with you to help make the best decisions about your health.

Bring someone with you for moral support if you are nervous and  to make sure you can bring up the subject of cannabis with your doctor.

Make a list of medicines and therapies you have tried for your symptoms, and identify which has worked and which has not worked.

If, after all this, your doctor refuses the treatment you want, remind them of the oath they took to become a physician, and that they are required by law to find you a doctor that can accommodate your health needs.

Remember, it's your body and your choice.

Email us with any questions you may have about speaking with your doctor about the medical use of cannabis.