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(By Using Cannabis)
Did You Know?

Thomas Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds from China to France then to America.

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We have no seeds that begin with the letter 'Q'. Please check the seed banks that are listed here.

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Medical Terms and Meaning

QALY (acronym)- Quality Adjusted Life Year, a year of life adjusted for its quality or its value

Quack - A person who pretends to be able to diagnose or heal people, but is unqualified and incompetent

Quadriparesis - Weakness of all four limbs, both arms and both legs, as from muscular dystrophy

Quantitative - Having to do with quality. In contrast to quantitative (which pertains to quantity, the amount)

Queasy - A feeling of nausea

Quiescence - Inactivity, quietness. In cells, quiescence is the state of not dividing. In neurons (nerve cells), quiescence is the state of not firing

Quotient - The result of mathematical division