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Recommended Cannabis Strains for Various Types of Pain
Pain is an unpleasant feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting alcohol on a cut, and bumping the "funny bone". Pain comes in many forms including mental pain.
Cannabis Science and Medical Journals

2018 - Abstract ~ Cannabis Use is Associated with Lower Odds of Prescription Opioid Analgesic Use Among HIV-Infected Individuals with Chronic Pain.

Substance Use & Misuse.

2018 - Abstract ~ The role of cannabinoids in pain control: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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2018 - Abstract ~ The therapeutic effects of Cannabis and cannabinoids: An update from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report.

European Journal of Internal Medicine.

2018 - Full ~ CB1 cannabinoid receptor agonist mouse VD-hemopressin(α) produced supraspinal analgesic activity in the preclinical models of pain.

Brain Research.

2018 - Full ~ Molecular Understanding of the Activation of CB1 and Blockade of TRPV1 Receptors: Implications for Novel Treatment Strategies in Osteoarthritis.

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2018 - Abstract ~ Mechanisms and treatment of painful neuromas.

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The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

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European Journal of Rheumatology.

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2017 - Full ~ Use of ketamine for acute suicidal ideation in a patient with chronic pain on prescribed cannabinoids.
Journal of Clinical Pathology: BMJ Case Reports.
Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

Journal of Pain Research.

2017 - Full ~ Cannabinoids in Pain Management and Palliative Medicine.
Department of Internal Medicine, Germany.

2017 - Abstract ~ Substitution of medical cannabis for pharmaceutical agents for pain, anxiety, and sleep.

Journal of Psychopharmacology.

2017 - Full ~ The effect of medical marijuana laws on the health and labor supply of older adults: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study.

National Bureau of Economic Research.

2017 - Abstract ~ Cannabinoids for the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms, pain and weight loss in dementia.

Current Opinion in Psychiatry.

2017 - Abstract ~ Differential neuromodulatory role of endocannabinoids in the rodent trigeminal sensory ganglion and cerebral cortex relevant to pain processing.


2017 - Abstract ~ The antinociceptive agent SBFI-26 binds to anandamide transporters FABP5 and FABP7 at two different sites.


2017 - Abstract ~ Antinociceptive effects of mixtures of mu opioid receptor agonists and cannabinoid receptor agonists in rats: impact of drug and fixed-dose ratio.

European Journal of Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Acetaminophen Relieves Inflammatory Pain Through CB1 Cannabinoid Receptors in the Rostral Ventromedial Medulla.

The Journal of Neuroscience.

2017 - Abstract ~ Current evidence of cannabinoid-based analgesia obtained in preclinical and human experimental settings.

European Journal of Pain.

2017 - Abstract ~ CB1 Receptors Mediated Inhibition of ATP-Induced [Ca2+]i Increase in Cultured Rat Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons.
Neurochemical Research.

2017 - Abstract ~ Increased expression of type 1 cannabinoid (CB1) receptor among patients with rotator cuff lesions and shoulder stiffness.

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

2017 - Abstract ~ Medical cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain and other disorders: misconceptions and facts.

Polish Archives of Internal Medicine.

2017 - Abstract ~ Efficacy, tolerability and safety of cannabis-based medicines for chronic pain  management – An overview of systematic reviews.

European Journal of Pain.

2017 - Abstract ~ Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Chronic Pain.
Current Rheumatology Reports.

2017 - Abstract ~ The monoacylglycerol lipase inhibitor KML29 with gabapentin synergistically produces analgesia in mice.

British Journal of Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Preferences for Medical Marijuana over Prescription Medications Among Persons Living with Chronic Conditions: Alternative, Complementary, and Tapering Uses.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

2017 - Abstract ~ Comparison of cannabinoids with known analgesics using a novel high throughput zebrafish larval model of nociception.

Behavioural Brain Research.

2017 - Abstract ~ Results of a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study of Nabiximols Oromucosal Spray as Adjunctive Therapy in Advanced Cancer Patients With Chronic Uncontrolled Pain.

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

2017 - Abstract ~ Antinociceptive effects of JWH015 in female and male rats.

Behavioural Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Anti-nociceptive interactions between opioids and a cannabinoid receptor 2 agonist in inflammatory pain.

Molecular Pain.

2017 - Abstract ~ The Endogenous Cannabinoid System: A Budding Source of Targets for Treating Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain.


2017 - Abstract ~ Bufalin attenuates cancer-induced pain and bone destruction in a model of bone cancer.

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Cannabinoids and Pain: Sites and Mechanisms of Action.

Advances in Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ The Role of Nuclear Hormone Receptors in Cannabinoid Function.
Advances in Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Positive Allosteric Modulation of Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 Suppresses Pathological Pain Without Producing Tolerance or Dependence.

Biological Psychiatry.

2017 - Abstract ~ Topical Medical Cannabis (TMC): A new treatment for wound pain-Three cases of Pyoderma Gangrenosum.

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

2017 - Abstract ~ Perioperative Patient Beliefs Regarding Potential Effectiveness of Marijuana  (Cannabinoids) for Treatment of Pain: A Prospective Population Survey.
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

2017 - Abstract ~ Effects of Centrally Administered Endocannabinoids and Opioids on Orofacial Pain Perception in Rats.

British Journal of Pharmacology.

2017 - Abstract ~ Administrations of thalidomide into the rostral ventromedial medulla produce antinociceptive effects in a rat model of postoperative pain.

Journal of Neuroscience Research.

2017 - Abstract ~ The cannabinoid system and pain.


Cerebral Cortex Journal.

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2017 - Abstract ~ Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
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2012 - Study ~ Pharmacological characterization of the peripheral FAAH inhibitor URB937 in female rodents: interaction with the Abcg2 transporter in the blood-placenta barrier.

2012 - Study ~ Therapeutic modulation of cannabinoid lipid signaling: Metabolic profiling of a novel antinociceptive cannabinoid-2 receptor agonist.

2012 - Study ~ Sex Differences in Cannabinoid 1 vs. Cannabinoid 2 Receptor-Selective Antagonism of Antinociception Produced by Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and CP55,940 in the Rat

2012 - Study ~ Analgesic effects of cannabinoids on central pain syndrome

2012 - News ~ Cannabinoid therapy helps provide effective analgesia for cancer patients with pain

2012 - News ~ Reefer tokin' seniors in South Florida see pain go up in smoke

2012 - News ~ Cannabinoid Shown Effective as Adjuvant Analgesic for Cancer Pai

2012 - Study ~ Medical Marijuana: Clearing Away the Smoke

2012 - Study ~ Synergistic interaction of pregabalin with the synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 mesylate in the hot-plate test in mice: an isobolographic analysis.

2012 - Study ~ Mechanistic and Pharmacological Characterization of PF-04457845: A Highly Potent and Selective Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Inhibitor That Reduces Inflammatory and Noninflammatory Pain

2012 - Study ~ Neonatal DSP-4 Treatment Modifies Antinociceptive Effects of the CB(1) Receptor Agonist Methanandamide in Adult Rats.

2012 - Study ~ Behavioral effects of pulp exposure in mice lacking cannabinoid receptor 2.

2012 - Study ~ Cannabinoids and muscular pain. Effectiveness of the local administration in rat.

2012 - Study ~ Cannabinergic Pain Medicine: A Concise Clinical Primer and Survey of Randomized-controlled Trial Results.

2012 - Study ~ The Role of Cannabinoids In Inflammatory Modulation of Allergic Respiratory Disorders, Inflammatory Pain and Ischemic Stroke.

2012 - Study ~ Intrathecal cannabilactone CB(2)R agonist, AM1710, controls pathological pain and restores basal cytokine levels.

2012 - Study ~ Effects of Peptide and Lipid Endocannabinoids on Arthritic Pain at Spinal Level.

2012 - Study ~ Role of cannabinoid 2 receptor in the development of bone cancer pain

2012 - Study ~ Nabiximols for Opioid-Treated Cancer Patients With Poorly-Controlled Chronic Pain: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Graded-Dose Trial.

2012 - Study ~ Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting α3 glycine receptors.

2012 - Study ~ The interaction between intrathecal administration of low doses of palmitoylethanolamide and AM251 in formalin-induced pain related behavior and spinal cord IL1-β expression in rats.

2012 - Study ~ Acute Reduction of Anandamide-Hydrolase (FAAH) Activity is Coupled With a Reduction of Nociceptive Pathways Facilitation in Medication-Overuse Headache Subjects After Withdrawal Treatment

2011 - Study ~ Activation of Type 5 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and Diacylglycerol Lipase-α Initiates 2-Arachidonoylglycerol Formation and Endocannabinoid-Mediated Analgesia.
2011 - Study ~ Cannabinoid type-1 receptor reduces pain and neurotoxicity produced by chemotherapy.

2011 - Study ~ Palmitoylethanolamide reduces granuloma-induced hyperalgesia by modulation of mast cell activation in rats

2011 - Study ~ Cannabinoid CB2 Receptors Contribute to Upregulation of β-endorphin in Inflamed Skin Tissues by Electroacupuncture

2011 - Study ~ The Central Role of Glia in Pathological Pain and the Potential of Targeting the Cannabinoid 2 Receptor for Pain Relief

2011 - Study ~ Pharmacological characterization of AM1710, a putative cannabinoid CB(2) agonist from the cannabilactone class: Antinociception without central nervous system side-effects.

2011 - Study ~ Treating pain in multiple sclerosis.

2011 - Study ~ Sex Differences in Cannabinoid 1 vs. Cannabinoid 2 Receptor-Selective Antagonism of Antinociception Produced by Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and CP55,940 in the Rat

2011 - Study ~ Cannabis in Palliative Medicine: Improving Care and Reducing Opioid-Related Morbidity

2011 - Study ~ Cannabinoid-opioid interaction in chronic pain.

2011 - Study ~ Antinociception and sedation following intracerebroventricular administration of Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol in female vs. male rats.

2011 - Study ~ Non-psychoactive cannabinoids modulate the descending pathway of antinociception in anaesthetized rats through several mechanisms of action

2011 - Study ~ Fatty acid amide hydrolase blockade attenuates the development of collagen-induced arthritis and related thermal hyperalgesia in mice.

2011 - Study ~ Cannabinoids for Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain; a Systematic Review of Randomized Trials.

2011 - Anecdotal ~ Father: Medical marijuana eased pain of my cancer-battling son

2011 - News ~ Marijuana, Narcotics Help Patients Reduce Chronic Pain, Study Finds

2011 - News ~ Part of placebo effect ascribed to cannabinoids

2011 - News ~ The Positive Uses of Marijuana for Cancer Patients

2011 - News ~ Cannabis brings relief to women suffering from PMS and PMDD symptoms

2010 - Study ~ Evidence for a Role of Endocannabinoids, Astrocytes and p38 Phosphorylation in the Resolution of Postoperative Pain

2010 - Study ~ Anandamide suppresses pain initiation through a peripheral endocannabinoid mechanism

2010 - Study ~ Adjuvant topical therapy with a cannabinoid receptor agonist in facial postherpetic neuralgia.

2010 - Study ~ A cannabinoid 2 receptor agonist attenuates bone cancer-induced pain and bone loss.

2010 - Study ~ Multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study of the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of THC:CBD extract and THC extract in patients with intractable cancer-related pain.

2010 - News ~ Pain target enzyme's working made crystal clear

2010 - News ~ Chronic Pain Improved by Cannabis Smoking

2010 - News ~ Study: Smoking pot may ease chronic pain

2010 - News ~ Marijuana better than pharmaceuticals at treating chronic pain, improving mood

2010 - News ~ Painkilling System in Brain: Too Much of a Good Thing?

2010 - News ~ Smoking cannabis relieves chronic pain

2009 - Study ~ The endocannabinoid system and pain.

2009 - Study ~ Cannabinoids: An emerging role in pain management?

2009 - Study ~ Standardized natural product cannabis in pain management and observations at a Canadian compassion society: a case report

2009 - Study ~ Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pain.

2009 - Study ~ Interaction of the cannabinoid and opioid systems in the modulation of nociception.

2009 - Study ~ The analgesic potential of cannabinoids.

2009 - Study ~ Characteristics of patients with chronic pain accessing treatment with medical cannabis in Washington State.

2009 - News ~ Endocannabinoids, Closely Related To Active Ingredients In Cannabis Plant, Can Promote Pain

2008 - Study ~ Therapeutic potential of cannabis in pain medicine

2008 - Study ~ Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain

2008 - Study ~ Repeated Cannabinoid Injections into the Rat Periaqueductal Gray Enhances Subsequent Morphine Antinociception

2008 - Study ~ Cannabinoids in chronic pain and palliative care.


2008 - Study ~ Cannabinoid Modulation of Cutaneous A{delta} Nociceptors During Inflammation

2008 - Study ~ A Randomized, Placebo Controlled Cross-Over Trial of Cannabis Cigarettes in Neuropathic Pain

2008 - Study ~ Nabilone for the treatment of pain in fibromyalgia.

2008 - Study ~ Pain relief with cannabinoids-- the importance of endocannabinoids and cannabinoids for pain therapy

2008 - News ~ Marijuana-Based Drug Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain, Study Suggests

2008 - News ~ Scientist Discovers New Molecule to Treat Chronic Pain

2008 - News ~ New Cannabis-Like Drugs Could Block Pain Without Affecting Brain, Says Study

2008 - News ~ Cannabis like Drugs May Hold Key to Treating Pain While Bypassing the Brain

2008 - News ~ Cannabis suggests treatment for chronic pain

2008 - Study ~ Dynamic regulation of the endocannabinoid system: implications for analgesia

2007 - Study ~ Cross-sensitization and cross-tolerance between exogenous cannabinoid antinociception and endocannabinoid-mediated stress-induced analgesia

2007 - Study ~ Low dose combination of morphine and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol circumvents antinociceptive tolerance and apparent desensitization of receptors

2007 - Study ~ Antinociceptive Synergy Between the Cannabinoid Receptor Agonist WIN 55,212-2 and Bupivacaine in the Rat Formalin Test

2007 - Study ~ Dose-dependent effects of smoked cannabis on capsaicin-induced pain and hyperalgesia in healthy volunteers.

2007 - Study ~ Endocannabinoid metabolism and uptake: novel targets for neuropathic and inflammatory pain

2007 - Study ~ Cannabinoids mediate analgesia largely via peripheral type 1 cannabinoid receptors in nociceptors

2007 - Study ~ Continuous infusion of the cannabinoid WIN 55,212–2 to the site of a peripheral nerve injury reduces mechanical and cold hypersensitivity

2007 - Study ~ A cannabinoid agonist differentially attenuates deep tissue hyperalgesia in animal models of cancer and inflammatory muscle pain.

2007 - Study ~ Cannabis, pain, and sleep: lessons from trials of Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine.

2007 - Letter ~ Cannabinoids for postoperative pain.

2007 - News ~ Pain relief from cannabis depends on how much you smoke

2006 - Study ~ A multicenter dose-escalation study of the analgesic and adverse effects of an oral cannabis extract (Cannador) for postoperative pain management.

2006 - Study ~ Actions of the FAAH inhibitor URB597 in neuropathic and inflammatory chronic pain models

2006 - Study ~ Role of the Cannabinoid System in Pain Control and Therapeutic Implications for the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain Episodes

2006 - Study ~ Cannabinoids In Medicine: A Review Of Their Therapeutic Potential

2006 - Study ~ The synthetic cannabinoid nabilone improves pain and symptom management in cancer patients

2006 - Study ~ Role of cannabinoid receptor agonists in mechanisms of suppression of central pain syndrome.

2006 - Study ~ Cannabinoid analgesia as a potential new therapeutic option in the treatment of chronic pain.

2006 - Study ~ Low dose treatment with the synthetic cannabinoid Nabilone significantly reduces spasticity-related pain : A double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over trial.

2006 - Study ~ Delta-9-THC based monotherapy in fibromyalgia patients on experimentally induced pain, axon reflex flare, and pain relief

2006 - Study ~ Benefits of an add-on treatment with the synthetic cannabinomimetic nabilone on patients with chronic pain - a randomized controlled trial.

2006 - Study ~ Synergistic affective analgesic interaction between delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and morphine.

2006 - Study ~ Local interactions between anandamide, an endocannabinoid, and ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in acute and inflammatory pain

2006 - News ~ Cannabinoids Enhance Analgesic Effects Of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Study Says

2006 - News ~ In MedPanel Summit, Leading Pain Experts Name Cannabinoids Among Most Promising Approaches to Treating Neuropathic Pain, Assert That Sociopolitical Climate Will Hamper Drug Approvals

2006 - News ~ Cannabis effective at relieving pain after major surgery

2005 - Study ~ CB2 cannabinoid receptor activation produces antinociception by stimulating peripheral release of endogenous opioids

2005 - Study ~ Ajulemic acid (IP-751): Synthesis, proof of principle, toxicity studies, and clinical trials

2005 - Study ~ Analgesia through endogenous cannabinoids

2005 - Study ~ Enhancement of transdermal fentanyl and buprenorphine antinociception by transdermal delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

2005 - Study ~ Cannabis: Use in HIV for Pain and Other Medical Symptoms

2005 - News ~ Body's Pot-Like Chemicals May Help Curb Pain

2005 - News ~ Depression: URB597 increases endocannabinoids in brain

2004 - Study ~ Cannabis Use in HIV for Pain and Other Medical Symptoms

2004 - Study ~ 3-[2-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]phenyl-4,4,4-trifluoro-1-butanesulfonate (BAY 59-3074): a novel cannabinoid Cb1/Cb2 receptor partial agonist with antihyperalgesic and antiallodynic effects.

2004 - Study ~ Are oral cannabinoids safe and effective in refractory neuropathic pain?

2004 - Study ~ Ajulemic acid: A novel cannabinoid produces analgesia without a “high”

2004 - News ~ Cannabinoids called equivalent to codeine for killing pain

2004 - News ~ High hopes for cannabinoid analgesia

2004 - News ~ Marijuana-like compounds may aid array of debiliating conditions ranging from Parkinson's to pain

2003 - Study ~ A preliminary controlled study to determine whether whole-plant cannabis extracts can improve intractable neurogenic symptoms

2003 - Study ~ Cannabis reduces opioid dose in the treatment of chronic non-cancer pain.

2003 - Study ~ Inhibition of Inflammatory Hyperalgesia by Activation of Peripheral CB2 Cannabinoid Receptors

2003 - Study ~ Topical cannabinoid enhances topical morphine antinociception.

2003 - Study ~ Cannabis use for chronic non-cancer pain: results of a prospective survey.

2003 - Study ~ Safety and efficacy of dronabinol in the treatment of agitation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease with anorexia: A retrospective chart review

2003 - Article ~ Cannabis and Pain Management

2002 - Study ~ The Role of Cannabis and Cannabinoids in Pain Management

2002 - Study ~ A Dramatic Response to Inhaled Cannabis in a Woman with Central Thalamic Pain and Dystonia

2002 - Study ~ CB2 cannabinoid receptor agonists: pain relief without psychoactive effects?

2002 - Study ~ The Pharmacology of Cannabinoid Derivatives: Are There Applications to Treatment of Pain?

2001 - Study ~ Therapeutic aspects of cannabis and cannabinoids.

2001 - Study ~ Are cannabinoids an effective and safe treatment option in the management of pain? A qualitative systematic review

2000 - News ~ Most pain patients gain benefit from cannabis in a British study

1999 - Study ~ Pain modulation by release of the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide

1999 - Study ~ Analgesic effect of the cannabinoid analogue nabilone is not mediated by opioid receptors.

1999 - News ~ Brain Releases Marijuana-Like Substance In Response To Pain, Study Finds

1998 - Study ~ Hypoactivity of the Spinal Cannabinoid System Results in NMDA-Dependent Hyperalgesia

1998 - News ~ Doped skin

1997 - Study ~ The perceived effects of smoked cannabis on patients with multiple sclerosis.

1997 - Study ~ Pain relief with oral cannabinoids in familial Mediterranean fever

1996 - Study ~ The effect of orally and rectally administered delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on spasticity: a pilot study with 2 patients.

1980 - Study ~ Marihuana as a therapeutic agent for muscle spasm or spasticity.


1975 - Study ~ Analgesic effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

1975 - Study ~ The analgesic properties of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and codeine.