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George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper. Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

Medical Terms and Meaning

Obtundation - less than fully alert, an altered level of consciousness
Occluded - blocked up, as in an occluded artery
Ocular - referring to the eye
Olfactory - pertaining to smell, odor detection
Oligodendrocytes - cells that make the myelin sheath that protects CNS nerves
Oocyte - a female germ cell/ egg
Orexin (aka hypocretin) - a neuropeptide that regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite
Oromucosal - pertaining to the lining inside of the mouth
Ortholog - the same gene in different species doing the same job, traceable to a common ancestor
Osteoblast - a cell that makes new bone
Osteoclast - cell that eats away and breaks down bone causing bone resorption
Oviduct - a tube that connects the ovary to the uterus