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Non-Government Issued Cannabis Seeds

In Canada it is legal for any household to grow up to four cannabis plants at a time. Currently, or in the near future anyone will be able to pick up low quality seeds approved by Health Canada. Don't be too quick on the draw. There are better seeds out there if you know where to look. If the low quality dispensary cannabis products is any indication, it would prove to be beneficial to simply grow your own and get your seeds from any number of TRUSTED seed online cannabis seed retailers. These professionals take their breeding new and current cannabis seed varieties very seriously.

Choosing the right seeds for your grow closet or room can sometimes seem overwhelming considering the vast number of high quality cannabis strains available these days.

Let's face it. Canada and many other places have a short growing season. Growing a 90 day sativa strain may end with problems. We highly recommend growing automatics. From seed to finish in 45-50 days. That's only a month and a half.

Auto-flower seeds will produce fantastic buds no matter how many hours of light as apposed to regular seeds or feminized seeds, which require the light cycle to be decreased before buds are produced. If you are growing outdoors in mid summer, with auto-flower seeds you can harvest mid June or July and get another crop in before the frost hits.