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Migraines are pulsating headaches, often on one side of the head.

Physical activity may intensify the pain, but symptoms can vary from person to person and from one attack to the next.

A type of headache with signs and symptoms of sensitivity to light, smells, or sounds, eye pain, and sometimes nausea.
Cannabis Science and Medical Journals

2014 - Study ~ Nocebo and placebo modulation of hypobaric hypoxia headache involves the
cyclooxygenase-prostaglandins pathway.

2013 - Study ~ Effect of Cannabinoid Receptor Activation on Spreading Depression.

2013 - Study ~ Endocannabinoids in the Brainstem Modulate Dural Trigeminovascular Nociceptive Traffic via CB1 and "Triptan" Receptors: Implications in Migraine.

2013 - News ~ Still Believe Nature Got It Wrong? Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana

2012 - Study ~ Hallucinogens and cannabinoids for headache.

2012 - Study ~ Use of cannabis among 139 cluster headache sufferers.

2012 - Study ~ Acute reduction of anandamide-hydrolase (FAAH) activity is coupled with a reduction of nociceptive pathways facilitation in medication-overuse headache subjects after
withdrawal treatment.

2011 - Study ~ Effects of anandamide in migraine: data from an animal model.

2011 - News ~ Migraines, Marijuana, and Chocolate

2011 - Study ~ The Use of Marijuana or Synthetic Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Headache

2011 - Study ~ Interictal Type 1 Cannabinoid Receptor Binding is Increased in Female Migraine

2010 - Study ~ Alterations of the endocannabinoid system in an animal model of migraine: Evaluation in cerebral areas of rat

2010 - Anecdotal ~ Up in smoke: 'Cannabis gave me my life back'

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2009 - Study ~ Medical Marijuana and Headaches, Cluster

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2007 - News ~ Migraine may be related to under production of cannabinoids

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2006 - Study ~ Dronabinol reduces signs and symptoms of idiopathic intracranial hypertension

2006 - Study ~ Biochemical Changes in Endocannabinoid System are Expressed in Platelets of Female but not Male Migraineurs

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Trigeminovascular-Mediated Nociception

2001 - Study ~ Hemp for Headache : An In-Depth Historical and Scientific Review of Cannabis in
Migraine Treatment

Recommended Cannabis Strain for Migraines