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In 2010, 16,652 overdose deaths in the USA that were directly related to prescribed medications.

There has never been a recorded overdose death from cannabis use...ever...period!

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(Cruetzfeldt or Jacob disease)

a synthetic cannabinoid


(IQ or Cognitive)

Mental Disorders see Schizophrenia

see Aging



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Medical Terms and Meaning

Macrophages - specialized cells that attack foreign substances, disease germs and cancer cells

MAGL - an enzyme that breaks down 2-AG

MAPK-JNK signal pathway- the way the receptor’s message gets into the nucleus’ DNA

Meiosis - cell division that results in a sex cell (sperm or egg)

Metabolites - what’s left over after your body breaks down a compound

Metastasis - spreading through the body

Microglial cells - they destroy germs and remove dying cells, but can “go crazy”, doing damage

Microphage - a white blood cell capable of ingesting bacteria, etc.

MicroRNA - short, single-stranded RNA molecules that regulate gene expression

Micturation - urination, peeing

Mitosis - one cell divides into 2 identical “carbon copies” of itself.

Modulate - control or regulate something

Monocytes - big white blood cells that can change into macrophages or dendritic cells.

Murine - mouse

Mydriasis - a disorder in which the pupil of the eye dilates abnormally, and stays dilated

Myelin - a protective covering on the axion part of a nerve cell

Myocardial - pertaining to the heart muscle

Myopericarditis - Inflammation of the heart wall and the sac around it, the pericardium