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LONG TERM USE EFFECTS & Cannabis Studies


Long term cannabis use "increases the risk of psychosis in people with certain genetic or environmental vulnerabilities", however marijuana does not cause psychosis.

Science & Research

2012 - Study ~ Assessing topographical orientation skills in cannabis users.

2012 - Study ~ Evaluation of the safety and tolerability profile of Sativex: is it reassuring enough?

2012 - Study ~ Chronic Cannabis Abuse, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Thyroid Function.

2012 - News ~ Pot smoking not tied to middle-age mental decline

2012 - News ~ One Joint a Week for 49 Years Doesn’t Harm Lungs, Research Finds

2011 - Study (deceptive title) ~ Scientific Opinion on the safety of hemp (Cannabis genus) for use as animal feed

2011 - Study ~ Marijuana use among older adults in the U.S.A.: user characteristics, patterns of use, and implications for intervention

2011 - Study ~ Popular intoxicants: what lessons can be learned from the last 40 years of alcohol and cannabis regulation?

2011 - Study ~ The histopathology of drugs of abuse

2011 - News ~ 125 Year Old Woman Claimed Smoking Cannabis Everyday Was Her Secret to Long Life

2010 - Study - Effects of cannabis on lung function: a population-based cohort study

2009 - Study - The morphology of the immune system in opiomania, cannabism, and polynarcotism

2009 - Study ~ Protracted cannabinoid administration elicits antidepressant behavioral responses in rats: role of gender and noradrenergic transmission.

2007 - Study - Long term marijuana users seeking medical cannabis in California
2006 - Study ~ Long-term use of a cannabis-based medicine in the treatment of spasticity and other symptoms in multiple sclerosis

2005 - Study - Survey of Australians using cannabis for medical purposes

2005 - Study ~ Using Marijuana in Adulthood: the Experience of a Sample of Users in Oklahoma City.

2003 - News ~ Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn't Damage Brain

2003 - News ~ Minimal Long-Term Effects Of Marijuana Use Found In Central Nervous System By UCSD Researchers

2002 - Study - Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program: An Examination of Benefits and Adverse Effects of Legal Clinical Cannabis

2002 - Study ~ The pharmacologic effects of daily marijuana smoking in humans

2002 - Study ~ Cognitive Measures in Long-term Cannabis Users.

2001 - Study ~ Neuropsychological Performance in Long-term Cannabis Users

1998 - Study - Long term cannabis use: characteristics of users in an Australian rural area

1997 - News - Long-Term Marijuana Users Suffer Few Health Problems, Australian Study Indicates

1997 - News ~ Regular Marijuana Users Have No Higher Rates Of Mortality, Long-Term Study Concludes

1983 - Study - Neuropsychological Performance in Long-term Cannabis Users

1981 - Study ~ Cognition and Long-Term Use of Ganja (Cannabis)

1976 - Study ~ Physical assessment of 30 chronic cannabis users and 30 matched controls.