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IQ (Memory & cognitive effects)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) see Crohn's

Isaacs's Syndrome (Acquired neuromyotonia)

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Medical Terms and Meanings

Ictal - refers to a physiologic state or event such as a seizure, stroke, or headache

Ictus - an epileptic seizure, or alternatively, a stroke
Idiopathic - of unknown cause

Indica - short plants, broad leaves, solid buds; “heavy” body high, good pain relief, some CBD

Inflammasome - immune system receptors and sensors that regulate inflammation

In silico - done on a computer

In vivo - in a live animal

In vitro - in a test tube

Infarction - damage from a lack of blood due to a blood vessel blockage

Intraocular - inside the eye

Intrathecal injection - injected under the arachnoid membrane of the brain or spinal cord

Intrauterine - inside the uterus

Inverse agonist - binds to a receptor like an agonist, but causes the opposite effect

Involution - the shrinking or return of an organ to a former size, as in a post-pregnancy uterus

Ischemia - damage from lack of blood to an area