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History of Cannabis & Hemp studies completed


Used for thousands of years for everything, everyone knows that. But what about the research part of it?
Cannabis and Hemp Research History - When did the first case studies of medical cannabis begin and what were these studies?

Science & Research

2009 - Medicinal use of cannabis in the United States: Historical perspectives, current trends, and future directions.
2009 ~ The Emperor Wears No Clothes.doc (Free eBook)
2007 -History of Cannabis and Its Preparations in Saga, Science and Sobriquet.
2006Cannabinoid pharmacology: the first 66 years.
2003 ~ Cannabis and the evidence that led to its international control: a cautionary tale.
1985Hashish and drug abuse in Egypt during the 19th and 20th centuries.
1978 - Paraquat and marijuana: epidemiologic risk assessment.
1977 - Adverse Effects of Intravenous Cannabis Tea.
1944 - The La Guardia Committee Report.
1934 ~ Marijuana Intoxicication.
1933 ~ Marijuana smoking in Panama.
1930 ~ Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis during Labor.(on page 2).
1929 - CANNABIS, U.S.P. (American Cannabis).
1910 ~ A British Study of Cannabis.
1900 ~ Two cases of Poisoning by Cannabis Indica.
1898 ~ Cannabis Indica (U. S. P.)—Indian Cannabis. King's American Dispensatory.
1898 ~ A Contribution to the Pharmacology of Cannabis Indica.
1894 - Physical, Mental, and Moral Effects of Marijuana: The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report.
1891 ~ Cannabis Indica as an Anodyne and Hypnotic.
1889 ~ The Use of Indian Hemp in the Treatment of Chronic Chloral and Chronic Opium Poisoning.
1887 ~ Clinical and Physiological Notes on the Action of Cannabis Indica.
1883Cannabis Indica.
1860 ~ Report of the Ohio State Medical Committee on Cannabis Indica.
1845 ~ Case of Traumatic Tetanus — Exhibition of the Extract of Indian Hemp (Cannabis Indica) Death Autopsy.
1789 ~ Observations on the raising and dressing of hemp. Original format.
1839 ~ Cannabis Indica Poisoning.
700 BC - Phytochemical and genetic analyses of ancient cannabis from Central Asia.