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Did You Know? In research on rats, Washington State University psychologist Rebbecca Craft, found that woman were more sensitive to cannabis' painkilling qualities.

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Medical Terms and Meaning
GABA Glycine - it keeps nerves from firing too often.

Ganglia/ ganglion - a bunch of nerves outside the CNS, or some gray matter bits in the brain

Gene expression - the body reads a gene’s info and translates it into a product (protein, etc)

Genotype - all the genetic traits of an organism, both visible and hidden
Glial cells - they form myelin, and provide support and protection for neurons

Glomerulus - a kidney cell involved in the first stages of filtering blood

Glutamate - a compound that many nerves use to “talk to each other”

Gut microbiota - microorganisms that live in the digestive tract
Cannabis Strains Origins

G-Berry (?Memy?) G13 X Blackberry X Doublegum

G-Bolt (Motarebel) Pacific G-13 X Yumbolt

G-Star (Motarebel) Star Gazer X [AK-47 X White Widow X G13]

G-SUS (Reeferman) G13 X Godbud

G13 Blue Widow (NCGA) [Blaze x G13 x Northern Lights] X Blue Widow or G13 X Blue Widow

G13 Diesel (Head Seeds) G13bx X Rezdog East Coast Sour Diesel v3

Gainesville Green [Micanopy Moonbeam]

Generals Daughter (Fleur du Mal) [G13 X Northern Lights] X Cinderella 99

Ghandi (High Quality) South Indian X Skunk

Ghaze Bx1 (Dutch Flowers) [G13 X Uber Candy Haze] X G13

Ghost (Reeferman) Burmese X Kali Mist

Giant Cindy (Spice Brothers) Green Giant X Cinderella 99

Giant Princess (Spice Brothers) Green Giant X Ice Princess

Girl Scout Cookies 

OG Kush x Durban Poison

GodTreat (Jordan of the Island) Dutch Treat X God Bud

Golden Haze (Dr. Greenthumb) Acapulco Gold X Haze

Golden Skush (GN03) Skunk X Hindu Kush

GoldenMoon (GoldenSeed) GoldenSkunk X Mazar

Gonzo #1 (Reservoir) M-39 X Williams Wonder

Gordy Spice #18 (Motarebel) Pacific G-13 X Northern Lights #5

Gourdbuster (Motarebel) City Slicker X Killa Queen

Granflora (Owls Production) Afghan X Purpurea Ticinensis

Grape Mayhem (Motarebel) Mayhem X Grapefruit Bx1

Grape Punch (BOG) Lifesaver X Bogglegum

Grapefruit = This is a 75% Cindy99 x 25% strong fruity sativa? /steve says it was a clone only...

Grapefruit Haze (Next Generation) Grapefruit X Haze

Grapeskunk (Next Generation) Super Skunk X Grapefruit X Blueberry

Great Garberville Pure (Reeferman) Thai X Afghani Hawaiian

Great White Shark (Green House) Super Skunk X White Widow

Green Devil (Tiki) Bambata X Shulam

Green Giant (Spice Brothers) Big Bud X Shiva Skunk

Green Goddess (GN03) Citral X Afghani Hawaiian X G13 Haze

Green Medicine (Brazilian Seed Company) Early Green X White Rhino

Green Spirit (Dutch Passion) Big Bud X Skunk #1

Grenadella (Afropips) Grenadine X Cinderella 99

Grenadine (Dr. Greenthumb) [Niagara X Shiva] X G13

Grimm White Shark (Brothers Grimm) Big Bud X Super Skunk

Guerrilla (A.C.E.) South African; Leshoto X Nepalese; Kathmand Valley

Gypsy Kiss (Reeferman) White Widow X Petrolia Headstash