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ENCEPHALOMYELITIS (Multiple Sclerosis) (MS) (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord)
EDIBLES also see Method of use)
EDOMETRIOSIS (a gynecological condition)

Medical Terms and Meaning

Efferosytosis - the removal of dead or dying cells
Eicosanoids - a group of bioactive compounds that include the endocannabinoids
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) - an Omega 3
Emesis - vomiting
Endocannabinoid - a chemical messenger made by your body- anandamide and 2-AG
Endocannabinoid System/ ECS - a system of chemical receptors on and between your cells
Endogenous – made in your own body, opposite of exogeneous
Epidermal – pertaining to the skin
Epigenetic - genes being turned on, or off, by chemical reactions, but with no change to the DNA
Epithelial cells - cells lining of your gut and surfaces of structures throughout the body
Excitotoxic - when nerve cells are damaged or killed by over-stimulation
Exogenous - from outside the body, opposite of endogenous
Extracellular – outside of the cells

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