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Marijuana is not a "gateway" drug that predicts or eventually leads to substance abuse, suggests a 12-year University of Pittsburgh study.

Moreover, the study's findings call into question the long-held belief that has shaped prevention efforts and governmental policy for six decades and caused many a parent to panic upon discovering a bag of pot in their child's bedroom.
source: Science Daily

Science and Research

2012 - Study ~ Acute cannabis poisoning in a 10-month-old infant.

2012 - Study ~ Do medical marijuana laws increase marijuana use? Replication study and extension.

2012 - Study ~ Alcohol as a Gateway Drug: A Study of US 12th Graders.

2012 - Study ~ The combined effects of parental divorce and parental history of depression on cannabis use in young adults in France.

2012 - Study ~ Intelligence quotient in childhood and the risk of illegal drug use in middle-age: the 1958 National Child Development Survey.

2011 - Study ~ Early exposure to Environmental enrichment alters the expression of genes of the endocannabinoid system.

2011 - Study ~ History of cannabis use is not associated with alterations in striatal dopamine D2/D3 receptor availability.

2011 - Study ~ Some features of teenage beer alcoholism combined with hashish addiction.

2011 - Study ~ The social contagion effect of marijuana use among adolescents.

2011 - Study ~ Gender differences in adolescent marijuana use and associated psychosocial characteristics.

2011 - Study ~ Accidental cannabis poisoning in children: report of four cases in a tertiary care center from southern Spain.

2011 - Study ~ Prolonged coma in a child due to hashish ingestion with quantitation of THC metabolites in urine.

2011 - Study ~ Pediatric cannabinoid hyperemesis: two cases.

2011 - Study ~ Cannabinoids in children.

2011 - Study ~ Rural adolescent alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use: a comparison of students in victoria, australia, and washington state, United States.

2011 - Study ~ The association between early conduct problems and early marijuana use in college students.

2011 - Anecdotal ~ Father: Medical marijuana eased pain of my cancer-battling son.

2010 - Study ~ Uni-Morbid and Co-Occurring Marijuana and Tobacco Use: Examination of Concurrent Associations with Negative Mood States.

2010 - Study ~ The Maternal Lifestyle Study: Sleep Problems in Children with Prenatal Substance Exposure.

2010 - Study ~ Learning and memory performances in adolescent users of alcohol and marijuana: interactive effects.

2010 - Study ~ PTSD contributes to teen and young adult cannabis use disorders.

2010 - Study ~ The cannabinoid WIN55212-2 promotes neural repair after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia.

2010 - Study ~ Cannabis Use and Obesity and Young Adults.

2010 - Study ~ A short-term, quasi-experimental evaluation of D.A.R.E.'s revised elementary school curriculum.

2010 - Study - Cannabis withdrawal severity and short-term course among cannabis-dependent adolescent and young adult inpatients.

2009 - Study ~ Maternal tobacco, cannabis and alcohol use during pregnancy and risk of adolescent psychotic symptoms in offspring.

2009 - Study ~ Accidental cannabis poisoning in children: experience of the Marseille poison center.

2009 - Study ~ Long-term consequences of URB597 administration during adolescence on cannabinoid CB1 receptor binding in brain areas.

2009 - Study - The Influence of Substance Use on Adolescent Brain Development.

2009 - Study - Cannabis use and destructive periodontal diseases among adolescents.

2009 - Study - Relief-oriented use of marijuana by teens.

2009 - Study - Cannabis use and deliberate self-harm in adolescence: a comparative analysis of associations in England and Norway.

2009 - Study - Urinary toxicological screening: Analytical interference between niflumic acid and cannabis.

2009 - Study - Is moderate substance use associated with altered executive functioning in a population-based sample of young adults?

2009 - Study - Cannabis and tobacco use: where are the boundaries? A qualitative study on cannabis consumption modes among adolescents.

2009 - Study - Maternal tobacco, cannabis and alcohol use during pregnancy and risk of adolescent psychotic symptoms in offspring.

2008 - Study ~ Volumetric MRI Study of Brain in Children With Intrauterine Exposure to Cocaine, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana.

2008 - Study - Marijuana Use by Young People: The Impact of State Medical Marijuana Laws.

2008 - Study - The association between anxiety and alcohol versus cannabis abuse disorders among adolescents in primary care settings.

2008 - Study - Ganja use among Jamaican women.

2007 - Study ~ Illicit Drug Use in Young Adults and Subsequent Decline in General Health: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study.

2007 - Study ~ Prevalence of gestational exposure to cannabis in a Mediterranean city by meconium analysis.

2007 - Study ~ No evidence for an involvement of variants in the cannabinoid receptor gene (CNR1) in obesity in German children and adolescents.

2007 - Study - Some go without a cigarette: characteristics of cannabis users who have never smoked tobacco.

2006 - Study ~ Endocannabinoids potently protect the newborn brain against AMPA-kainate receptor-mediated excitotoxic damage.

2006 - Study ~ A preliminary DTI study showing no brain structural change associated with adolescent cannabis use.

2006 - Study ~ Effects of Alcohol and Combined Marijuana and Alcohol Use During Adolescence on Hippocampal Volume and Asymmetry.

2006 - Study ~ Determination of the prevalence of drug misuse by meconium analysis.

2006 - Study - The Mental Health Risks of Adolescent Cannabis Use.

2006 - Study - No brain structural change associated with adolescent cannabis use.

2005 - Study ~ Endocannabinoids and food intake: newborn suckling and appetite regulation in adulthood.

2005 - Study ~ The cannabinoid system and its importance in the perinatal period.

2003 - Study - Comparison of meconium and neonatal hair analysis for detection of gestational exposure to drugs of abuse.

2003 - Study ~ Experiences with THC-treatment in children and adolescents.

2003 - Study ~ Gender and ethnic differences in smoking, drinking and illicit drug use among American 8th, 10th and 12th grade students, 1976-2000.

2003 - Study ~ Effect of maternal under-nutrition on pup body weight and hypothalamic endocannabinoid levels.

2003 - Study - The herbal remedy: Teens use cannabis for relief, not recreation.

2002 - Study ~ Maternal use of cannabis and pregnancy outcome.

2001 - Study -Treatment with CBD in oily solution of drug-resistant paediatric epilepsies.

1999 - Study ~ Cannabis and pregnancy.

1997 - Study ~ Mortality Within the First 2 Years in Infants Exposed to Cocaine, Opiate, or Cannabinoid During Gestation.

1997 - Study ~ Maternal cannabis use and birth weight: a meta-analysis.

1997 - Study ~ Cannabis dependence, withdrawal, and reinforcing effects among adolescents with conduct symptoms and substance use disorders.

1996 - Study ~ The effectiveness of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (project DARE): 5-year follow-up results.

1996 - Study ~ Cannabis Cookies: a Cause of Coma.

1995 - Study ~ Prenatal exposure to marihuana and tobacco during infancy, early and middle childhood: effects and an attempt at synthesis.

1995 - Study - An efficient new cannabinoid antiemetic in pediatric oncology.

1995 - Study ~ Prenatal tobacco and marijuana use among adolescents: effects on offspring gestational age, growth, and morphology.

1992 - Study ~ Analysis of Facial Shape in Children Gestationally Exposed to Marijuana, Alcohol, and/or Cocaine.

1992 - Study ~ 60- and 72-month follow-up of children prenatally exposed to marijuana, cigarettes, and alcohol: cognitive and language assessment.

1991 - Study ~ Five-year follow-up of rural Jamaican children whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy.

1987 - Study - Nabilone versus prochlorperazine for control of cancer chemotherapy-induced emesis in children.

1986 - Study - Nabilone: an alternative antiemetic for cancer chemotherapy.