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Trusted Cannabis Seed Banks

Beaver Seeds - Get Out and Grow Spring Sasquatch 250x250

Beaver Seeds / Canada

Canadians do love their little beavers. With a name like Beaver Seeds you can be assured that they will always work extra hard to get their large selection of seeds shipped fast to anywhere in the world.

Get free shipping if you order $135 more worth of regular, feminized, auto-flowering, or high CBD seeds.

Payment options include: Bitcoin , MoneyGram International, e-Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, or pay with cash upon delivery if you like maximum discretion.

ILGM Seeds / USA

ILGM is an acronym for "I Love Growing Marijuana."

ILGM, started off as a huge growing information library. They still have all those great resources, but now they've added a huge selection of seeds to their inventory. Awesome!

ILGM will ALWAYS have a special 'buy 10 get 20' sale going down, so it's worth checking them out at least once a month to see what's new.

Big free Grow Bible book just to sign up for their Newsletter. Great Mom & Pop outfit.

They accept, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or Cash

Quick Grow Seeds / Everywhere


Click the link to snag this .com

Rocket Seeds - Don't Fall Behind Get Your Seeds Today 300x250

Rocket Seeds/Numerous Countries

If it's support you need, Rocket Seeds offers up 24/7 support, through phone, email, or live chat. With over 600 quality strains from over 20 breeders rocket seeds should be able to meet all your seed needs.

Payment options include: Bitcoin , MoneyGram International, e-Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, or pay with cash upon delivery if you like maximum discretion.

Seedsman Buy One Get One Free

Seedsman / Europe

Starting in 2003, and located in the UK, Seedsman does have a massive selection of seeds, and has worked hard to build their great reputation over the decades.

They catalogue, and carry every major cannabis seed breeder on the planet, so if your looking for all the best 'latest and the greatest' award winning strains, look no further.

Seedsman has a reward program in place that gives points when you buy seeds, or by simply following them on social media.

They accept all payment methods.
Seed Connect - US cannabis seed bank

Seed Connect / USA

Located in the great Grand Canyon state of Arizona, this 'brick and mortar store' is the first of it's kind in the USA,  and is getting great reviews.

The Seed Connect has a large variety of unique strains that is privately grown for it's own store where they sell live plants and clones.

Earn reward points that are offered with every purchase makes this seed bank an upcoming force in the industry!

Free shipping for orders over $100

Credit Card options available for USA shipping. (legal states only)

The Seed Connect Reviews
Why not grow your own personal cannabis garden? Typically, cannabis dispensaries are an expensive way to get your supply. If you can grow a tomato plant, you can grow a cannabis plant. Too easy!

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What are the 10 Best Soils for Growing Cannabis?

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Choosing a good seed bank can sometimes be a challenge. Laws are constantly changing making it difficult to navigate buying cannabis seeds.

We make it easy. With over 40 years of combined experience, this cannabis seed bank index will provide you with all the resources you need to become a successful gardener.

Before you invest in seeds, you may want to research a few growing technics. Cannabis e-Books A-Z will flood you with all the free information that you need to grow just a simple back yard cannabis tree, or a sea of green in your indoor garden.