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Congratulations Canada! As of Oct. 17, 2018, All Canadians will be permitted to legally buy SEEDS, fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, grow
(4 plants per household), and possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public...Read CBC News article
*Canada is taking the cannabis market to new heights. Dispensaries are on low supply, while line ups go around the block. Since Canadians can now grow legally, and with the looming Canada Post Strike just around the corner, Cannabis Research A-Z recommends purchasing your seeds ASAP to avoid shortages, and ensure that the weed seeds that you needs, will get to your door on time.

Trusted Canadian Cannabis Seed Companies

*Note that all Canadian seed banks indexed on this page are listed in alphabetical order.

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Crop King Marijuana Seeds features 31 of the worlds best cannabis strains for online, or at many retail locations in Canada, and around the world.

Feminized Seeds: This cannabis seed store carriers popular feminized seeds, as well as feminized auto-flowering high quality strains.

Regular Seeds: Buying regular seeds results in about 50% male and 50% female plants developing. Expert breeders use this method to cross different cannabis strains with one another to produce brand new cannabis varieties or 'strains'.

CBD Seeds: These cannabidiol (CBD) dominant medicinal seeds are produced in the majestic province of British Columbia in Canada, and are easily available all over the world.

Crop King Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are produced when a sativa, indica, or both are crossed to a ruderalis variety. Ruderalis is a cannabis variety that contains auto-flowering tendencies which is not found in either sativa or indica.

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In business for 5 years now, the Montreal Seed Bank sells high quality, popular seed strains. Great Canadian store for finding those cannabis cup winners from the past and previous.

Dina Fem, Resin Seeds, Barney's Farm, and Royal Queen, are just a few of the world famous price winning cannabis breeders that Montreal Seeds carry.
Regular Cannabis Seeds are bred from a male and a female parent, and will produce male or female plants. You can create your very own strain!
Montreal Seed Bank cater to every budget and are available in Feminized, Autoflower, Outdoor, CBD Strains, and Regular Varieties.
Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a leading  provider of some very fine cannabis "customized' seeds available in Canada and throughout the world.
Feminized Cannabis Seeds: are bred to contain no male chromosomes, thus ensuring that every plant grown from them will flower as a female.

Outdoor Seeds: Created to produce hardy vigorous, and often large cannabis plants.

Auto-flowering: cannabis seeds provide an easy harvest of high quality cannabis that can flower without the need to change light cycles or remove males.

Royal Seed Bank is the most popular seed bank comparison directory. They have over 330 cannabis strains available from the 13 most trusted seed bank suppliers.


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At Toronto Quality Seeds, their goal is to provide you quality seeds and cannabis strains from the best Canadian breeders. All their marijuana seeds are made in Canada, and we ship worldwide. This seed bank is located in Toronto (Ontario).

You will find in their inventory the best Canadian cannabis seeds in feminized, regular, CBD, medical and auto-flowering varieties. Great customer service, great prices, and the best quality of seeds. Happy growing!

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