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Editors note: Let's face it. Canadian Dispensaries are an expensive way to get your cannabis. Whether you are an occasional recreational cannabis user, or a daily medical cannabis consumer, it makes sense to simply grow your own legally!

*Hint Canada has a short growing season. If growing outdoors (cheapest method), choose any 'automatic' cannabis seed strain. Generally it will finish budding in approximately 50 days after germination. Too easy!

Canadian Cannabis Seed Banks

Dr. Cannabis Seeds: visit website

Their coupon allows you to buy 3 tins for the price of 2 tins!

Enter the coupon with all caps and with spaces after the 3 and before the 2, just like this: 3 FOR 2

If you want to order more than 3 tins you do not need to create separate orders. For example, lets say you wanted 6 tins, you can use the coupon and get a discount of 2 tins.

The coupon will always reduce the cost of your order by 1/3 no matter how many sets of 3 you add to your cart.

Payment Methods Include: Visa, MasterCard, Amex
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