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Best Cannabis Affiliate Programs

*scroll down this page to see the blacklist of the worlds worst cannabis affiliate programs
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The following cannabis themed affiliate programs have all been tested, are trusted, and are in in*alphabetical order.

Crop King Seeds

Affiliate Benefits
Product - Cannabis Seeds
- 20% US Funds
Tier Commissions - 5%
Payout Requirements - $200
Payment on Time - Yes
Cookies - 90 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Average
Software - Idev
Affiliate Support - Fast

Dr. Seeds

Affiliate Benefits
Product - Cannabis Seeds
Commissions - 15% CAD Funds
Tier Commissions - 5% of sales
Payout Requirements - $100
Payment on Time - Yes
Cookies - 120 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Average
Software - Idev
Affiliate Support - Quick

Growing Elite

Affiliate Benefits
Product - Elite Grow Book
Commissions - 57% US Funds
Tier Commissions - 5% of sales
Payout Requirements - No minimum
Payment on Time - Yes
Cookies - 120 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Average
Software - Idev
Affiliate Support - Quick


Affiliate Benefits
Product - Organic Compounds
Commissions - 20% US Funds
Tier Commissions - 5% of sales
Payout Requirements - $100
Payment on Time - Yes
Cookies - 90 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Good
Software - IDev
Affiliate Support - Same Day

Quebec Seeds

Affiliate Benefits
Product - Cannabis Seeds
Commissions - 20% CAD Funds
Tier Commissions - 5% of sales
Payout Requirements - $100
Payment on Time - Yes
Cookies - 90 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Good
Software - Post Affiliate Pro
Affiliate Support - 1-2 days

Terpene Botanicals

Affiliate Benefits
Product - Pure CBD Products
- 10% Euros
Tier Commissions - 3% of sales
Payout Requirements - $100
Payment on Time - Yes
- 90 Days
Banners - Yes
Statistics - Poor
Software - ?
Affiliate Support - 1-5 Day

What are the worst cannabis affiliate programs?


Unfortunately there are times when affiliate programs may take advantage of their clients and abuse the system by keeping poor statistics, or not paying on time if at all. We have weeded out (no pun intended) a few of the bad affiliate programs. Maintaining a website can be cumbersome enough, without having to deal with these bad apples on top of things. Nothing is worse than expecting money that never arrives.

This website has blacklisted the following affiliate programs for skimming, non-payment, never paying, stealing second tier sales, affiliate managers with an attitude, or any other affiliate marketing scams.
The Vault Seed Store
True North Seeds
The Original Sensible Seed Co.
Affiliate Future
Clix Galore
Google Adwords

Money or Morels? Remember as an affiliate you are no different than an employee of the company itself.

Too easy... any company that treats their employees like crap CAN NOT supply a good service. Unhappy employees make unhappy profits period. I judge any product or service by the way they treat their employees.

Personally, if I see any abuse to the employee I just stop shopping at that store.


The Basics

You must have basic computer skills. You must know how to copy and paste. A good affiliate program will provide you with different scripts and codes. If you need a good open source Web authoring/ editor, I suggest Kompozer, and for a free open source imaging program, GIMP is fantastic.

 To make money as an affiliate partner, you must first either purchase a domain name through an authorized domain registering service. There are free ones out there, however beware of getting lured into plans that make it impossible to transfer your website... *Read Warnings

 One should consider spending the few dollars it takes to actually purchase a plan from a professional, trusted, and well known host and registry such as  Bluehost.

Bluehost has a unique feature that sniffs out obsolete domains that will soon be put back into circulation. You are actually put on a waiting list for the specific desired domain. details are available from their Website here

Understanding Cannabis Affiliate Marketing

Tips and Tricks

TIP - Remember, no affiliate program you sign up with will make you wealthy overnight. Rule of thumb, NEVER take on ads that produce less than 12 percent of sales with only a very few exceptions.

 NEVER NEVER NEVER, I repeat! DO NOT SPEND MONEY TO SIGN UP TO ANY AFFILIATE PROGRAM (unless you are selling something yourself and need an affiliate management team). If you want to learn how to get rich through affiliate marketing, read the educational books that will take you there.

  •  TIP - BEWARE of affiliate programs that make money after the first day of placing the ad. Sounds strange I know. Some programs have a minimum payout therefore may load your account with a few dollars getting you hooked on placing their ads. I was fooled by this once after making a sale literally minutes after placing the ad. Two years went by and not another sale. Backtracking and re-editing is a real pain and should be avoided.
 Other tips...

  • Do everything you can to make your readers trust you. If your readers trust and like you, they’re more likely to want to support you by using your referral links.

  • It is extremely rare to find an affiliate marketing program that offers lifetime commissions. These perks are wonderful and should be sought out.

  • You want to build a newsletter that brings attention. Years ago, receiving an email was an exciting thing.

  • Using a lot of back-links related to your site is a vital part in affiliate marketing, but be sure not to lead customers to deceptive content.

  •  Transparency with your readers is vital to your success in affiliate marketing. Your audience will appreciate complete transparency, which will encourage loyalty.

  •  Make sure that your site has enough content to compliment the banners are placed correctly and balanced out with plenty of solid content.

  • There are a number of ways you can find out what your website visitors, email subscribers and social media followers want:

  • Ask for feedback in a blog post
  • Monitor conversations on social media
  • Check out what your competitors are doing
  • Test different types of content
  • Look at your website and social media analytics to see what type of content has been popular in the past

Website Tips

 A successful website is three parts planning, and one part implementation of those plans. On a timescale that means 3 weeks of planning for every one week of creating.

 Choose affiliate programs that are related to the content you are providing. If your website is about dogs, then chances are your viewers are going to buy a hemp dog leash

 Stay away from affiliate programs that use popup advertisements, spyware or make you install tool-bars.

 Before signing up with any affiliate program I recommend that you do as much research as possible on the company providing you with the banner. 


Most large companies will have an affiliate manager. Contact them when possible, and get a feel of what they are about. A good affiliate manager should promptly answer any questions you have about the company they represent.

 Remember there are many ad delivery companies out there,  meaning the product you are selling is not necessarily the same company that has provided you with that banner.

 Large companies often outsource their Web advertisements to marketing companies to find and distribute their products.

Some names include Clixgalore, Affiliate Future, Share-A-Sale. These 'sweat shop' type of ad feeds are not recommended.

Ideally you want to make dollars, and NOT fractions of pennies.

You should make sure that an affiliate company will provide you with a commission for all special sales or promotions it offers, before signing up.

Can these companies track only online affiliate orders or can they also track phone, postal and fax orders?


To the Point

*You CAN NOT place Google ads on cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, porn, or firearms themed websites.

This website uses Google custom search, and when used, it will only show results from this website. Google places their ads at the TOP of the search results. Google pays no revenue to this website and goes further to say that Cannabis Research A-Z violates their "no cannabis themed websites can earn money through Adwords"

So where does that leave you, being a cannabis themed website, and trying to monetize your website?

Where to turn?

We put these affiliate programs through various tests so you don't have to.

Fact is, 75 % of the affiliate programs we test fail our standards. A few actually made the blacklist. You can scroll down this page to see some of the affiliate programs to avoid.

Amazon (been there done that) Fail. 4% commission is to small.

Why do we recommend  the companies on this page?

A cannabis friendly affiliate program is a way to monetize your cannabis themed website or blog by promoting someone else's product or service.

You basically rent advertising space from your website to these companies.

In return you will receive a commission on any sales made from the banner or text link that you will place onto your website.

The advantages of an affiliate program is that you do not handle any of the merchandise or need to worry about overhead, financial transactions, orders, shipping, complaints or returns.

After signing up to an affiliate program, the company will provide you with a tracking code that is placed into a hyper-link. The code contains information that tells the company that you are promoting, where the link came from. If a sale is made from the link that contains your code, you will earn a sales commission.

Choosing a good cannabis affiliate program can be a real challenge, especially when you accompany the task of finding an honest company that will approve a cannabis themed website or blog, let alone treat their affiliates with respect.

Cannabis Research A-Z will attempt to make this process a little less stressful for new and old websites alike.

TESTS - This website conducts various tests with ALL affiliate programs that appear on this page.

The affiliates do not know when they will be tested, and usually only need to be tested once.

This website apologizes publicly to all affiliates on this page for testing their program in what must appear to be somewhat extreme at the time of the test.

For the one's that made it onto this page, congratulations, you've all made the 'A' List for best cannabis affiliate programs. Surprise!

 Affiliate Programs to Avoid

Cannabis fraud comes in many forms including lame affiliate programs.

Website developers and bloggers alike may fall into the trap of signing up to affiliate programs that never pay their so called 'employees'.

*WARNING! Never EVER pay a dime to sign up to any affiliate program. NEVER.

Don't say you were not warned.

Blacklist - If you have had a bad experience or scammed with an affiliate program, dispensary, or mail order delivery service, you can post it here

What is an affiliate program?

An automated marketing program where a  merchant recruits web developers, website owners, or bloggers to place the merchant's banner ads, text links, or buttons onto your website.

Web developers will receive a referral fee or commission from sales when the customer has clicked the affiliate link to land on the merchant's website to perform the desired action, usually make a purchase or fill out a contact form.

The most common types of affiliate programs include pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale.

Others can be a percentage  of the product sold. We recommend that you do not take anything less than 10%