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10 Things That Can Destroy Your Cannabis Crop

  1. Disrupting or changing the light cycle at anytime, whether in grow or bloom.
  2. Not sterilizing rooms between crops will allow pests and other problems to occur
  3. Aggressive thinning can quickly shock your plants and have negative effects
  4. Not using preventatives before signs of pests or powder mildew
  5. Mixing sulpher based product with oil based products
  6. Allowing any sort of light into your room during the plants sleep cycle
  7. Not testing the acidity in your water before deciding to cultivate
  8. Allowing the temperature in your growing room to drop more then 5-8 degrees during the night.
  9. Allowing the water in your reservoir to go stagnant will starve plants of oxygen
  10. Having grow lamps too close to plants will lead to a loss in potency

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