American Drug War: The Last White Hope: Pre Release Cut

From the creators of American Drug War and  How Weed Won the West, comes their most compelling documentary to date -- and the other ones were damn good. Aside from a few relevant clips from the excellent original American Drug War film, "American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny" is packed with completely fresh material, woven and spliced together to form perhaps the most cohesive and compelling documentary argument yet to display why we must shut down the War on Drugs once and for all -- now.

Award-winning director Kevin Booth spent seven years making American Drug War 2, which required massive amounts of research, and time to follow stories that unfold in the film. The information given is gripping as it is timely and urgent, a film that's a must-watch for every member of the anti-Drug War choir.

"This new film is mostly based on children,” Booth said on The Alex Jones Show online. But the children affected severely by the Drug War aren't just here in the U.S. Booth took his crew and twoNew York Times journalists to Juarez, Mexico, where cartels and drug trafficking rule the roost. Boys of 14 are recruited to murder for the cartels' causes, while a few brave activists fight against them in a procession of martyrdom. Booth also tells the story of the journey he and his wife took through the U.S. foster care system, where children are given high doses of legal speed in the morning and barbiturates at night, antipsychotics at thedrop of a hat, and are blatantly and willfully kept in the system and away from their families for as long as possible, often to their detriment.

Look forward to interviews with cannabis activist and fugitive Rick Simpson, Dr. Donald Abrams, SSDP founder Aaron Houston and many more. See this masterpiece for yourself.

Posted by CRA-Z on September 4, 2013 at 4:18 PM 5116 Views