How to make Solventless Hash Oil

ATTENTION: I am a licensed Medical Cannabis user in Ontario, Canada under the MMPR. This is legal use of Cannabis. All content on this channel is intended for MMJ patients. 18+ ONLY.

By Ry Prichard

One of Colorado’s premier hashmakers and the winner of the 2012 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup award for non-solvent hash, Selecta Nikka T is a true artist, producing high-quality water hash that sets itself apart thanks to its unique semi-translucent and oily appearance, incredible terpene preservation and a potency that rivals or surpasses many high-quality solvent extractions (his hash routinely tests at 60 to 70% THC).

This highest grade of Selecta Nikka T’s product is referred to as “solventless wax,” and though it takes a lot of practice and attention to detail, it can be made at home using simple equipment. So if you’re interested in giving it a shot, here’s a series of tips from the master to help you get started... finish reading

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