Organisers of WORLD HEMP CONGRESS Slovenia 2012 | 2013 | Lendava, Slovenia connects high experts in the field of hemp and educates worldwide public, encourages development and gathers GLOBAL HEMP INNOVATION in the fields HEMP MATERIALS /HEMP PRODUCTS/ HEMP TEHNOLOGY/MEDICAL CANNABIS PRODUCTS/HEMP FOOD PRODUCTS /, in order to encourage the use of hemp throughout the world and remove the stigma ...from the name of the plant, which offers a man a wide range of healthy products and the possibility for rapid soothing climate change.

We enable incorporation with the world's most prominent hemp experts into event through LIVESTREAM transfer and thus an active participation and cooperation in the event around the world.

Hemp is the words most durable fiber. They tried to outlaw it because it is designed not to wear out!

Hemp and Certified Organic Cotton Green Corduroy Dog Harness Made in the USA SmallHemp Brown Stripe Rectangle Dog Bed - Large 36"x44"x5""Flowerama" Hemp and Certified Organic Cotton Dog Collar Made in the USA Medium

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