Unvarnished Truth #5

Great reports from ASA cannabis conference in Wash DC + major media clips. Featuring DTN host Dean Becker, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Aaron Prausk of Canadian Assoc of Cannabis Dispensaries, Michael McGuffen of Amer Herbal Products, look at a Seatle MJ Super Store, R.I. Dispensary opening, Rabbi Kahn to open Tacoma Wellness Center in Wash DC, Daisy Brahn needs her children,

Bloomberg: coders and programmers need MJ, traveler nixes border patrol intrusion, Diane Fornbacher publisher of LadyBud magazine, Melissa Fultz with Ark MJ efffort, Jeff Jones chancelor of Oaksterdam Univ, Neill Franklind Exec Dir LEAP & Valerie Corral Dir of WAMM.org

Unvarnished Truth #1

Dean Becker, host of Drug Truth Network radio shows reports on the drug war from HMSTV in Houston. Becker a former policeman is also a speaker for L.E.A.P, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Segments on this first of our weekly one hour shows feature segments on the Caravan for Peace, Sen Patrick Leahy, Portland reporter Doug McVay, Jack Cole of LEAP and segments from around the US showcasing the horrors we inflict on ourselves via the policy of drug prohibition.

Public and college TV stations are invited to procure blue ray copies, free of charge and all are invited to share the Unvarnished Truth. Contact dean@drugtruth.net Thanks for watching

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