Canada Safe Cannabis Arrest in Kamloops

By Robert Koopmans, The Kamloops Daily News - Wednesday, November 2 2011

Kamloops Mounties execute a search warrant at the "Canada Safe Cannabis Society" offices on the 400 block of Tranquille. This video was filmed by a man who identified himself as "Winston Smith".

An angry crowd hurled verbal abuse at the RCMP Tuesday as officers arrested the owner of the city?s only marijuana compassion club. Carl Anderson was dragged away by two officers around 1:30 p.m., after he refused to move away from the door of his store at 405 Tranquille Rd.

Anderson was sitting calmly on the ground with his back against the door at the time. As Anderson sat outside, members of the Kamloops RCMP's drug section were inside the store, boxing up marijuana and other exhibits seized as part of the court-approved raid.

Officers executed search warrants at the store around 10:30 a.m. Anderson didn't move when told by police he must move, and did nothing to aid or resist when put under arrest for obstruction.

Two Mounties pulled the six-foot six-inch man by the scruff of his jacket. His arms were handcuffed behind him to a waiting police car, dragging him all the way. He was taken to the RCMP cells. As police pulled Anderson away, a crowd of about 20 people, most of them customers of Anderson?s store yelled angry profanities denouncing the RCMP's actions.

Many filmed or photographed the scene with cell phones.

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