Miriam Makeba - Hapo Zamani

African Divas - South Africa

Hapo Zamani in Kiswahili means 'Long time ago'.

The Swahili lyrics translates as (courtesy Ndinda Tha Mixer of Capetowntocairo)

Before (in the olden days) mama, I wasn't like this ( I didn't behave like this)

Before(in the olden days) mama, because of alcohol (alcohol has changed the singer for worse. The singer stopped drinking alcohol and is now a better person?) ...not sure what this means

Given her explanation halfway through the video, it could essentially be a song by a prodigal who's coming back home?

The Xhosa lyrics and translations (courtesy of Zubenathi Mbunye)

Nindibona ndilinxila nje, kungenxa yamabhulu. Nindibona ndingena khaya nje, kungenxa yamabhulu. Nindibona ndizula nje, kungenxa yamabhulu. Baleka bhulu, sizongena ekhaya thina. Sizobuya, sizongena! Baleka, baleka!

You see me being an alcoholic today, its because of the Boers.You see me homeless today, its because of the Boers. You see me going around the world, not having a place I call my own, its because of the Boers. Run away Boer, we will come back home, we will come back, run away, run away!

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