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  • Where Did Cannabis Come From, And How Di...
    by ★ Owner on June 3, 2017 at 3:55 PM
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  • Canada's medical marijuana corruption
    by ★ Owner on July 17, 2016 at 11:13 PM
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    Whether you agree with it or not there are over thirteen thousand people in Canada who have a medical marijuana license and they can legally smoke pot.

    It's allowed under a federal program created over ten years ago. Health Canada doesn't charge for a medical marijuana license and the program is supposed to be easily accessible.

    But 16x9 investigation has uncovered numerous cases that put its legitimacy into question, like doctors who demand hundreds of dollars for seeing patients and filling out forms and patients who then use that license to grow and sell marijuana on the black market.

    This is an investigation into Health Canada's medical marijuana licence program that reveals some doctors and lawyers profiting from the program - and 16x9 exposes an underground market for the illegal drug.

  • The Choice is Ours
    by ★ Owner on July 17, 2016 at 8:04 PM
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    Throughout our history, humanity has set its sights on seemingly impossible goals, and found a way to realize those goals against all obstacles. This awe-inspiring potential is on full display in the opening moments of the new documentary The Choice is Ours, as retired NASA astronaut and professional astronomer Jeff Hoffman testifies to the glories of space travel.

    With unparalleled willpower and ingenuity, we crafted the tools and technologies to explore what was once limited to the fabrications of Hollywood myth makers. But even from atmospheres beyond our own, the earthbound challenges we have yet to conquer remain in full view. Having manned multiple space flights over the course of many years, this reality became apparent to Professor Hoffman as he gazed upon the surfaces of our planet from his capsule. "There's a view of the impact that humans have had on our planet, and that can be pretty scary," he reflects.

    The most pressing issues facing humankind today - from climate change to widespread crime to financial calamity to the rapidly depleting natural resources of our planet - take center stage in The Choice is Ours, but they're approached from a refreshingly unique perspective. This elegantly produced film promotes our capacity to invoke positive change in the world, and considers the behavioral and cultural shifts which must take place to make this possible.

    The Choice is Ours is a production of The Venus Project, an organization devoted to uncovering innovative new approaches to problem solving. The organization's founder, 97-year old futurist Jacques Fresco, serves as the principal guide throughout the film's narrative. With convincing and articulate insight, Fresco argues for a reconsideration of what is possible in each of us, and by extension, the world at large. In examining whether our behaviors are determined by human nature, or by absorbing the environment which surrounds us, the film offers clues as to how we can begin to rebuild the reality of our planet from the ground up.

    If defeating self-doubt and apathy were the rules which governed our species decades ago, would we have ever invented the technology to venture into outer space? By applying the same intensity of positive focus to global pursuits, we can improve the view of our planet, even from the stars.

  • The Cash Crop: Canadian Cannabis
    by ★ Owner on July 11, 2016 at 7:46 PM
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    In the latest episode of our Canadian Cannabis series, we take a look at how Canada is missing out on an economic windfall by continuing down a path of restrictive marijuana policies.

    Fucked Up's Damian Abraham, a medical marijuana user and overall weed enthusiast, went out to Vancouver and Denver to compare the grey market of dispensaries in British Columbia (which are now in the crosshairs of the federal government) to Denver's regulated legal weed economy. He meets with weed entrepreneurs in both cities and chats with the decision makers who are trying to make pot easy to get on both sides of the border.

  • Toronto's Cannabis Candyland
    by ★ Owner on July 11, 2016 at 6:49 PM
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    Toronto is in the middle of a grey market, marijuana dispensary boom. Since Canada?s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, weed entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city.

    Even though there's no guarantee that Trudeau's plan for legal marijuana will include storefront businesses, these operations are opening almost daily.

    Not only do these shops sell weed, more and more customers are coming through the doors of their local dispensary looking for marijuana edibles. While these stores insist they're providing a medical need to cannabis patients, can a weed soda or a chronic cookie really be considered medicinal? VICE host and medical marijuana patient Damian Abraham does the tough job of trying to figure that out.

  • The Truth 365
    by ★ Owner on July 11, 2016 at 4:18 AM
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    In less than ten years social media has taken the world by storm. We can now communicate with almost anyone from anywhere effortlessly and instantly and the ways we use social media are endless: to stay in touch, for entertainment, to express ourselves, or to satisfy our curiosity about a planet millions of miles from earth.

    With your help, we plan to harness the power of social media to protect our most vulnerable citizens, our children. Our goal is to stop a killer, a silent killer that takes the lives of children day after day, 365 days a year. This is the bully or the monster that comes in the middle of the night and steals our kids. Four years ago, Melinda faced this killer and survived but she was one of the lucky ones.

    Over 2,500 kids a year die at the hands of this killer called cancer, childhood cancer. What's shocking is that our country is doing very little to prevent these deaths and the public is unaware. Every day, children are dying.

    Every day, children are being diagnosed and still nothing is being done about it and people don't know. We didn't know, we didn't have any idea that there was this many families out there, these many children and how terrible these diseases are. Once you do start to realize that, you know that something needs to be done.

    Melinda too was unaware until this beast nearly took her live. She vowed that if she survived she would do everything in her power to help expose the truth, eradicate cancer and end the suffering for all children. That brings us to today and this film. She's here to fulfill this promise but she needs your help. We need your help. You have the power to give these kids something that they never had... a voice.

    They're young, innocent kids who need someone to stand up for them. The truth is that US government spends billions of dollars a year on cancer research but very little goes directly to childhood cancer research. The government has millions and billions of dollars set aside for cancer research but so little of it is spent on children. It's very little, a fraction. Right now, it's estimated that about four percent of the National Cancer Institute's budget is directed for childhood cancer research.

    Kids are dying because they lack treatment options. We cannot sit here and wait for the next 10 years. In 10 years more children will die. You could help stop this by exposing this hidden reality. If people really knew what was going on with little kids, maybe that funding would change. At the end of this film, we will tell you exactly how you can stand up for these kids in a way that will make a big difference. It takes so little to take a stand and it means too much if thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million people take the stand.


  • Run From the Cure - The Rick Simpson Sto...
    by ★ Owner on May 11, 2016 at 5:39 PM
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    This is the only real Rick Simpson web site. Make your own oil and be aware of scammers. We do not supply oil, we are providing information. The only way to know that you have the real thing, is to produce the proper oil yourself. There are many criminals who say that they are producing RSO, and who are using Rick's name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S., although there is a link on their web site which leads to his web site and Facebook page.or all those who wanted to learn about the cancer curing properties of concentrated cannabis oil

    Hexane Honey Oil extraction and alchemy




  • Marijuana Wars (Part 1)
    by ★ Owner on June 19, 2015 at 3:20 PM
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    Aljazeera's two-part exploration of attitudes towards legalisation in the US, and Latin America's efforts to combat drug violence.

    Research: Drug War Statistics

    Marijuana Prison Statistics

    Inmate USA Prisoner Locator

  • Marijuana Wars (Part 2)
    by ★ Owner on June 19, 2015 at 3:17 PM
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    In the second half of a special investigation, Aljazeera looks at legalisation and drug violence in the US and Latin America.

  • "Dude, Where are my rolling papers?"
    by ★ Owner on March 16, 2015 at 7:55 PM
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    An insightful look at illicit drugs in the UK and the USA, Told through history by comedian Eddie Griffin and then gets on the streets with law enforcement in the UK as they deal with the 'problem'. And then the stark contrast in perception of 'illicit' drugs depending on where you are on this planet.

  • Prescription Drugs Misuse
    by ★ Owner on October 25, 2014 at 4:22 AM
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    Prescription Drugs: Killing More Than Pain;

    Sponsor: Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT)/CADCA;

    Program Description: When America entered the new millennium, it entered a new era in the world of drug abuse. From the streets of the cities to the secluded family homes in the suburbs, prescription drug abuse is a problem that's spilling out of pill bottles and into the lives of millions all across our country. Back in 2000, about 1.5 million Americans abused prescription drugs. Two years later, that number quadrupled -- to more than six million. That's a 400% increase.

    Thousands of people die each year because they overdose on prescription medications. Many abusers think they're an FDA-approved high, while others become addicted after using powerful painkillers to treat legitimate pain.

    During this broadcast, learn how abusers are getting their drugs and how law enforcement, doctors, and pharmacists are fighting the problem. Hear from recovering addicts, treatment providers, doctors, robbery victims and more. Prescription drugs kill much more than pain. Program Objectives: Learn what prescription drugs are abused.

    Learn how doctors can better treat pain. See what would help pharmacists spot forged and altered prescriptions See what tactics work for law enforcement Find out what drug companies are doing Know where to go for help. Prescription drugs, a category of psychotherapeutics that comprises prescription-type pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives, are among the substances most commonly abused by young people in the United States. Prescription drugs are readily available and can easily be obtained by teenagers who abuse these drugs to experience a variety of desired effects.

    Often these young people are unaware of the serious health risks involved in abusing prescription drugs. Increasingly younger adolescents obtain prescription drugs from classmates, friends, and family members, or they steal the drugs from school medicine dispensaries and from people for whom the drug had been legitimately prescribed. Keywords: narcotics. Prescription drugs, which are widely available and easy to obtain, provide young people with an easily accessible, inexpensive means of altering their mental and physical state.

    Abusers may experience a heightened sense of pleasure, euphoria, drowsiness, increased energy, or various other effects depending upon the drugs they abuse. Young people who abuse prescription drugs put themselves at risk of experiencing dangerous side effects.

    Prescription drugs--when taken as prescribed by a physician--successfully treat a variety of mental or physical conditions. However, when abused, these drugs can alter the brain's activity and lead to debilitating or life-threatening health problems and result in physical or psychological dependence. Public domain video.

  • Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part ...
    by ★ Owner on October 25, 2014 at 2:52 AM
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    Strain Hunters Swaziland

    Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoins MyWeedSeeds.com

    Swaziland is a landlocked country sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique. Despite Swaziland's small size, it boasts more hectares of land dedicated to growing Cannabis than all of India. It is also home to Swazi Gold, the legendary sativa strain.

    Hamilton Morris travels to Swaziland hoping to chemically analyze the cannabinoids present in some of the local strains. Instead, he finds a country steeped in political corruption and economic turmoil. Cannabis is viewed by many growers, users, and politicians as a drug that will cause insanity, but it may be Swaziland's only hope for economic stability.

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