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*Based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation.

Shared Comments and Observations From Medical Cannabis Users

Palatal Myoclonus by Christopher

Diabetes by Anonymous

Bipolar Disorder by Anonymous

Bipolar Disorder by Kristi Laughlin

Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Antonio Amerson

Autism by Anonymous

Crohn's Disease by Christian Safii

Hyperemesis Gravidarum by Erin Kennedy

Migraine by Greg B.

Chronic Pain and Anxiety by Peter Alan Maloney

OCD by Anonymous

Migraine Headaches by Anonymous

Allergy by Glenn Dogherty

Lupus by Randi Cox

ADHD by James D. Webber

Bipolar Disorder by Anonymous

Multiple Symptoms by Anonymous

Quadriplegia and Pain by Kevin McHugh

Pain by C.M. Dicks

Bipolar Disorder by Anonymous

Ulcerative Colitis by Vacia Shellington

Arthritic Pain by Christopher Kaczmarek

Retinopathy by Londa

ADHD by Anonymous

Depression by Anonymous

PTSD by Anonymous

Glaucoma by Anonymous

Epilepsy by Anonymous

Nausea and Marinol (dronabinol)

ADHD by Anonymous

Depression by David

Bipolar Disorder by Anonymous

Porphyria by Sharon Place

Gastric Ulcer Pain by Kendra

Difficulty Eating by Anonymous

Polycystic Kidney Disease by Frederick Schatz

Hay Fever by Ramlee Oak

Tourette’s Syndrome by Blake Goodacre

AIDS and Seizures by Roberto Zapata

Ruptured Disk Pain by Scott Petersdorf

Alcoholism by Anonymous

Hypomania by John Corbett

Anger by Richard S.

Osteoarthritis by Anonymous

Tinnitus by Charles Andrew

Terminal Cancer by Anonymous

Cystic Fibrosis by Anonymous