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Cannabis Research: Allergies


Allergies happen because the immune system reacts to a foreign substance by creating antibodies. Even though the 'intruder' may be harmless, the immune recognizes the substance as harmful.

Since the early 1970’s, doctors have been investigating allergic reactions caused as a result of handling or consuming cannabis.

Medical Journals

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2013 - Study ~ Characterization of Cannabis sativa allergens.

2013 - Study ~ Prevalence of Sensitization to Cannabis sativa . Lipid-Transfer and Thaumatin-Like Proteins Are Relevant Allergens.

2012 - Study ~ Endocannabinoids limit excessive mast cell maturation and activation in human skin.

2012 - Study ~ Cannabinoid 2 (CB2) Receptor Involvement in the Down-regulation but not Up-
regulation of Serum IgE Levels in Immunized Mice.

2012 - Study ~ World Allergy Organization Study on Aerobiology for Creating First Pollen and Mold
Calendar With Clinical Significance in Islamabad, Pakistan;: A Project of World Allergy Organization and Pakistan Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology Centre of Islamabad.

2012 - Study ~ Variations and origin of the atmospheric pollen of Cannabis detected in the province of Tetouan (NW Morocco): 2008-2010

2011 - Study ~ Allergic hypersensitivity to cannabis in patients with allergy and illicit drug users

2011 - Study ~ IgE-Mediated Hypersensitivity Reactions to Cannabis in Laboratory 


2011 - Study ~ Molecular allergology in practice: an unusual case of LTP allergy

2011 - Study ~ Effects of palmitoylethanolamide on the cutaneous allergic inflammatory response in
Ascaris hypersensitive Beagle dogs

2008 - Study - Sensitization and Allergy to Cannabis sativa Leaves in a Population of Tomato Sensitized Patients

2007 - Study ~ Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis caused by Cannabis sativa pollen (3rd article)

2007 - Study ~ Cannabaceae Pollen in the Atmosphere of Brianza, Northen Italy

2000 - Study ~ Cannabis (hemp) positive skin tests and respiratory symptoms

1983 - Study - Allergic Skin Test Reactivity to Marijuana in the Southwest

1983 - Study ~ Allergenic properties of naturally occurring cannabinoids

1983 - Study - Marijuana smoking and fungal sensitization

1980 - Study ~ Occupational immediate type allergy to hemp pollen and hashish

1971 - Study ~ Allergy to Marijuana

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