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Auto-Flowering Seeds

AutoSeeds Seeds

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Auto Pounder, Berry Ryder, Candy Kush, Diesel Berry, Hijack, Mig 29, Pineapple Punch, Polar Express, Purple Cheese, Trans Siberian, Ultra Lemon Haze



What are Auto-flowering seeds?

Over the last couple of years auto-flowering seeds have rapidly grown in popularity. But what are auto-flowering seeds? Put simply auto-flowering strains will flower regardless of the light cycle they receive. Regular cannabis strains or “photo-period” strains require a change in the amount of light and dark to induce the plant to flower.

Auto-flowering seeds will automatically pass to the flowering stage without the need to change the light thanks to its ruderalis genetics. This basic premise of auto-flowering seeds brings many benefits.

What are the benefits of auto-flowering seeds?

1. There is no need to change light cycle, removing the need for separate vegetative and flowering rooms.

2. Auto-flowering seeds are very easy to grow, by removing the light cycle issue, auto-flowering strains are perfect for beginners or experts alike.

3. Auto-flowering strains will be ready from seed to harvest much quicker than standard strains. In as little as 55 days the harvest can be ready. Auto-flowering seeds will vegetate for around 3 weeks and then automatically flower for around 5-7 weeks.

4. Outdoors the plant doesn’t need to wait for the days to become shorter to flower. So multiple harvests are possible in one outdoor season.

5. Their lower stature (dwarf height) makes them very easy to conceal. Ideal for balconies, terraces, “guerrilla” grows or anywhere space is limited.

Traditional auto-flowering varieties such as Lowryder and White Dwarf, or the first generation, often lack punch in terms of flavour, strength or most importantly yield. The small stature and fast growing time was seen as key, which led to other characteristics being sidelined in the breeding process.

Auto Seeds breeders have experimented with many types of ruderalis varieties, multiple award winning and classic strains to create a range of next generation and “super” autos. These have increased yield (in some cases comparable to photoperiod strains), excellent aroma and flavour, plus they now have drastically improved strength to match.

Whilst developing Auto Seeds we worked with many types of ruderalis, including original Siberian and Mexican genetics as well as established hybrids such as Lowryder. We only selected the best samples and crosses we made, to include in our range. For example, in our Hijack Automatic, we wanted to create an auto-flowering variety with the delicious taste and soaring cerebral high of the Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds) line, but the hard hitting and long lasting power of the multi award winning AK-47 (Serious Seeds) . The result was a cross that was the perfect blend, plus it delivered an unexpectedly large yield. This typifies the extraordinary level our breeders went to in creating our exciting range of auto-flowering seeds.

Based In Spain, Auto Seeds breeders work with a number of collectives and experienced breeders from Europe and North America to create, test and perfect our auto-flowering range. We are always on the lookout for exciting new strains to develop and test. If you have any suggestions, comments or improvements for our breeders please email us or send us some ideas.



Auto Pounder

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Auto Pounder  Seeds

Auto Pounder Seeds

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 60cm-100cm

Harvest: 70-80 days from seed

Stone: Deep body stone

THC: Medium/High

Auto Pounder is the yield king of auto-flowering strains. Its massive harvests are comparable to many standard non-autos.

This makes it an ideal choice for any commercial grower who would not usually consider auto-flowering varieties yet would like the benefits an auto delivers.

Auto Pounder was developed crossing our high production Auto #1 with two of the highest yielding strains available today:

Sensi’s original Big Bud and the incredible yielding Power Plant. Under optimal conditions, Auto Pounder can produce almost 1 pound (450g/m2) per square meter.

Auto Pounder also maintains maximum flavour which is both sweet and fruity as well as excellent disease and pest resistance. To deliver such huge yields, Auto Pounder has a slightly larger stature than standard autos with a very high flower to leaf ratio and greater height, usually around 60-100cm.

It will finish in as little as 70-80 days from seed. Auto Pounder is considered very easy to grow and is an excellent choice for beginners as well as more experienced growers.



Berry Ryder

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Berry Ryder  Seeds

 Berry Ryder Seeds

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 30cm-70cm

Harvest: 60-65 days from seed

Stone: Indica up high

THC: Medium/High


Berry Ryder is an original Blueberry and Auto #1 cross. This strain was achieved by selecting the best parent from over 25 possibilities of the original cup winning Blueberry.  Both extremely resinous and exuding a rich, sweet, berry aroma, the resulting indica dominant auto produces fat indica leaves and dense nuggety buds. 

Berry Ryder is our latest super auto which easily competes with non-autoflowering strains in terms of flavour, resin production and THC content. The plant stays short at approximately 30-60cm in soil though can get larger in hydroponic or similar setups.

The Blueberry genes add increased yield potential whilst maintaining the strong medical effect and legendary berry taste. The plant can turn blue especially under colder night time temperatures which

Diesel Berry

5 Feminized Auto Seeds - Diesel Berry Seeds


Diesel Berry Automatic Seeds

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 70cm-90cm

Harvest: 65-75 days from seed

Stone: Intense cerebral buzz

THC: High

 Diesel Berry is a cross of our ever popular Berry Ryder and the multi award winning classic NYC Diesel. The result is a potent and fruity strain harnessing the best characteristics of both varieties. The combination of Berry Ryder’s exotic, fruity taste and the heavy diesel fuel tang from the NYC Diesel make for the perfect smoking experience. The high is a strong head rush moving to a deep indica body buzz, underlining its wide range of medicinal qualities.

Diesel Berry has both indica and sativa properties.  It’s quite tall for an auto, indoors 70-90cm if left untrained and outdoors it can reach up to 120cm. The buds will be thick, dense and rock hard, with high levels of THC for an autoflowering strain. The height and dense bud structure mean the overall yield is very good giving up to 350g/m2 indoors. Outdoors, it’s suitable for almost all climates although it will thrive in warmer latitudes with higher levels of sunlight.

Diesel Berry is easy to cultivate offering both beginner and experienced growers the opportunity to grow a tasty yet potent, connoisseur strain in around 65-75 days from seed.


Candy Kush

5 Feminized Auto Seeds - Candy Kush Seeds

 Candy Kush Seeds


Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 50cm-60cm

Harvest: 65-75 days from seed

Stone: Intense body stone

THC: High

 Candy Kush is a collaboration of some of California’s finest kush genetics and our very own Auto Pounder. After much experimenting, we hand selected a seriously sweet kush variety. The resulting cross is a deliciously sweet, big yielding, auto-flowering kush strain.

Super easy to grow and ready in as little as 65 days from seed, Candy Kush will stay relatively low indoors reaching a dense and bushy 60cm when grown in soil. It branches out well giving abundant bud sites yet will still produce a large central cola coated in frosty resin. The fantastic kush genetics have resulted in a highly mould and pest resistant strain. Grown under optimal conditions Candy Kush can yield a massive 400g/m2 making it second only to our monster Auto Pounder.

As expected, THC and CBD levels are high giving an intense all over stone with possible medical applications such as pain relief and insomnia. As the name suggests the smoke is sweet and heady, almost narcotic. 

Overtones of spice and burnt caramel are pleasant making the taste one of the best characteristics of this knock out strain.


Hijack Automatic

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Hijack  Seeds

 Hijack Automatic Seeds



Type: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis

Height: 50cm-90cm

Harvest: 70-80 days from seed

Stone: Cerebral body buzz

THC: High


An extremely high quality sativa dominant auto. Hijack brings together two of the most legendary and most loved strains of all time, Jack Herer and AK-47. Jack Herer (Sensi), widely considered the pinnacle in Sativa genetics, has been crossed with the 8 times cup winning AK-47 (Serious).

Once we mastered this hybrid it was given the full auto-flowering seeds treatment with the addition of a Siberian Ruderalis to produce a superb strain that is our highest yielder after Auto Pounder.

Hijack is an absolute must for all Sativa lovers, but the well balanced Indica genes from the AK-47 coupled with the speed of the Ruderalis mean it is not just a connoisseurs strain. Evenly balanced in structure, the stems produce multiple dense resin covered bud sites that exude a refreshing citrus-lime flavour with undertones of spice and sandalwood.

The stone is an “up” heady high mixed with an all round body buzz thanks to the AK-47. Hijack Automatic is ready in 70 days from seed to harvest, making it an outstanding option if you’re after a Sativa dominant plant but don’t want to wait all summer to get it. Unlike the Jack Herer parent this strain is considered very easy to grow.




Mig 29


 Mig 29

Feminized Auto Seeds - MIG-29 Seeds


Feminized Auto Seeds - MIG-29

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 30cm-100cm

Harvest: 65-80 days from seed

Stone: Indica body buzz with psychoactive

THC: High


AutoSeeds Seeds myweedseeds.comCreated to achieve the perfect balance of yield, strength and high, MiG-29 combines the legendary G13 Haze with a hand selected stabilised Ruderalis. MiG-29 is one of our largest yielding and most powerful super autos maturing in around 75 days from seed.

The plant produces super crystalline buds thickly coated in resinous THC even extending down to the shade leaves. Despite the addition of G13 Haze to the cross, MiG-29 has indica tendencies thanks to the Ruderalis, with the haze working predominantly to improve the taste and complexity of the high.

The taste is fruity and slightly spicy and the buzz is both a body and cerebral high. MiG-29 will thrive both indoors or out in a mix of climates and conditions thanks to its tough and hardy nature.

Under intense light or hydro setups the plant can reach 1 meter in height. If grown outdoors it is advisable to harvest when the sun is still strong (mid to late summer) to achieve best yields and maximum coverage of trichomes.

Although you can harvest into October in warmer climates. MiG-29 lives up to its name and carries a powerful punch and stratospheric high.

 Other Auto Strains


Pineapple Punch

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Pineapple Punch  Seeds

 Pineapple Punch Seeds


Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 50cm-80cm

Harvest: 65-80 days from seed

Stone: Indica body buzz

THC: High

 Pineapple Punch automatic is a high quality autoflowering cross of a classic fruity pineapple strain and a powerful grapefruit variety. As the name suggests, Pineapple Punch is a beautifully sweet and tropical blend of the exotic with a thick coating of resinous THC crystals. This superb automatic delivers vigorous growth for an autoflowering variety. Pineapple Punch is an indica dominant plant in stature with reasonably wide fan leaves and dense fat sticky buds. As expected the smoke is sweet and fruity with hints of both pineapple and grapefruit and the stone is a typical Indica couch lock. It can be ready in as little as 65 days from seed, but 70-80 days are recommended to bring out the full bouquet of flavours. Connoisseurs who enjoy extra flavour in their autoflowering strains will certainly appreciate the outstanding taste that Pineapple Punch delivers.





Polar Express

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Polar Express  Seeds

Polar Express Seeds


Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 30cm-80cm

Harvest: 60-80 days from seed

Stone: Body stone yet high

THC: High


Polar Express is the result of crossing an all time classic Northern Lights #5 with a Californian Kush and Lowryder. We experimented with over 20 Kush strains before choosing the final, most rewarding variety to cross with Lowryder. The resulting genetics are outstanding.

Maintaining a strong indica dominance, Polar Express is a short/medium auto-flowering variety with a high flower to leaf ratio and dense structure. An ideal choice for more stealthy or “guerilla grows” because of the neutral or low odour and hardiness. When it comes to the stone it’s anything but neutral, packing a strong all over body buzz. Northern Lights is renowned as the back bone of many modern strains and is considered as one of the strongest and most pure strains ever created.

The kush genetics have added complexity and helped improve the taste and high. It is advised not to top this strain, instead maintain the large single kola to get the highest yields. Use under a light cycle of 18/6 or 16/8 to develop the greatest flavour without excessive smell.



Purple Cheese

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Purple Cheese  Seeds

 Purple Cheese Seeds

Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 50cm-80cm

Harvest: 60-80 days from seed

Stone: Intense body stone

THC: High

 A specially created auto-flowering cross of Purple #1, Blue Cheese and Auto #1 (Lowryder/Ruderalis). The addition of the Ruderalis and Purple #1 has allowed us to reduce the overpowering cheese odour whilst maintaining a tight, compact flower structure. Purple Cheese is considered more indica than sativa thanks to the dominant Cheese genetics and delivers a strong, classic intense body stone. High levels of CBD will make this strain a contender for medicinal use. There is a slight fruity taste to the smoke with musty overtones of the original Cheese. Purple Cheese can develop blue/purple hues in both buds and leaves and colder night time temperatures will make the purple more vibrant and extensive. This auto-flowering strain should stay in the range of 50-80cm in height, making it ideal for balcony, closets or places where space is tight, or concealment is necessary.



Trans Siberian

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Trans Siberian  Seeds

Trans Siberian Seeds



Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

Height: 30cm-80cm

Harvest: 65-70 days from seed

Stone: Deep stone indica buzz

THC: Very high


One of the strongest auto-flowering varieties available, Trans Siberian is a crystal covered cross that looks like it has just come in from a blizzard.

A mix of one of the world’s most popular strains, original White Russian (Serious) and our Auto #1, Trans Siberian has a long lasting and powerful almost sedative stone.

It is a perfect blend being easy to grow, very fast finishing (65-75 days) but still yields just as well many other auto strains.

Extensive covering of trichomes can be so heavy they may spread well down onto shade leaves, especially in the final 1-2 weeks of flowering. This can be maximised even further if it’s given its final flush just days prior to harvest and is then left for 48-72 hours in total darkness.

Taste and smell is typically Indica, with a pungent skunky fuel aroma that White Russian is renowned for. Trans Siberian delivers an outstanding high for an auto variety, both deep body buzz with a narcotic head stone. A true must for both connoisseur and beginner alike.

Ultra Lemon Haze

Feminized - Auto Seeds - Ultra Lemon Haze  Seeds

Ultra Lemon Haze Seeds


Type: Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis

Height: 65cm-100cm

Harvest: 65-70 days indoors 80-100 outdoors from seed

Stone: Very intense sativa high with body buzz

THC: Very high

To create Ultra Lemon Haze we crossed the Cannabis Cup winning Lemon Haze with a select Sour Diesel developed in northern California. This was then crossed with our Auto #1 to produce a stable strain that is truly unique.

These genetics and the resulting strain have created something incredibly special which has made it one of our favourites. The taste is of sharp citrus, lemons and pink grapefruit, whilst maintaining the fuel like undertones of the Sour Diesel.

The Super Lemon Haze was a multiple cup winner for good reason and these traits have carried through into Ultra Lemon Haze. Sativa dominant, the buds are long and dense with typical sativa shape shade leaves. The smoke is spectacular and the stone distinctly psychedelic with an excellent balance between a physical body buzz and soaring cerebral high.

Ultra Lemon Haze can be grown well both indoors and out, but indoors requires a good level of control and management to obtain the best results. Average height will be 60-70cm indoor but some phenotypes can extend up to 80cms+ if grown outdoors in optimal conditions. Due to the dominance of the Sativa genes and the lower percentage of Ruderalis this is not a standard auto-flowering variety.

For optimum yield and maximum psychoactivity (THC content), 90+ days are recommended. Indoors, special care must be taken. Unlike other autos the best photoperiod for Ultra Lemon Haze is 12-16 hours. It is also best to change from vegetative nutrients to flowering nutrients at week 5/6 to ensure the best crop. Outdoors, Ultra Lemon Haze can be planted from early March to the beginning of July but the flowering period will never be shorter than 60 days. 

The extra time and care required for Ultra Lemon Haze will bring outstanding rewards and will leave you wanting to make this a regular addition to your grow.

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