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 Not all seed producers are the same. Some breeders specifically produce strains for medicinal use with a high THC or CBD content, while others breeders produce for the sometimes very selective marijuana connoisseur.

  Either way you can be assured that these breeders all take their business of producing the highest quality seeds for their ever increasing customers, very seriously.

 This page will give you a list of every cannabis seed breeder, and where to find their seeds for purchasing.   Strains are all listed on Facebook's Cannabis Seed Guide.          


00 Seeds

There’s something about Spain: The wonderful climate, the friendly people, the stunning landscapes – and yes, the amazing seed strains! 00 Seeds is another Spanish breeder par excellence that comes to the table with loads of amazing feminised strains.

Their emphasis on preserving classic genetics, combined with a willingness to experiment and produce bold new strains makes them a winner in our book.

 710 Genetics

If you’re seeking the ultimate mix of feminised cannabis seeds from the hot new boutique brand on the scene, 710 Genetics, then you’ve come to the right place!

710 Genetics
are real movers and shakers within the UK seed-bank scene, who have used their expertise and contacts across the EU and US breeding networks to assemble a vast collection of rare, unique strains, as well as a bounty of old favourites thrown into the mix for good measure.


Ace Seeds

Ace seeds are certainly some of the finest on the market today in both quality and genetic purity. All of the seeds are farmed in their private facilities and they are dedicated to maintaining special and individual strains that are swiftly dying out all over the world. So, as a customer, someone would receive a high quality product along with the knowledge that someone is helping these strains in their struggle for global survival.

Whilst all of this breeder’s strains are incredibly potent, flavoursome and vigorous, it might surprise you to learn that they have used only the most natural, organic methods to produce them!
By keeping each strain under strict control, separated in their own rooms, the genetic integrity of each variety produced by Advanced Seeds is impeccable.
Pick up some Advanced Seeds today and take your collection to the next level!

 AlphaKronik Genes

 When it comes to regular seeds, Alphakronik Genes is one of the top all-organic breeders in the world today; Thanks to this dedicated firm’s belief in using only natural methods and ingredients in their quest to create the bold new strains that they are famous for, they have produced a number of unique, much sought-after regular varieties over the years

Alpine Seeds

 If you prefer to handle your crops the old fashioned way and are looking for a company who genuinely care about the quality of the seeds they produce then its completely possible that you are looking for Alpine's regular seeds.
Alpine are a Swiss company that focus mainly on strains that occur naturally in Switzerland, Canada and the U.S. They don't mass produce rubbish but instead focus on just a few strains that they have painstakingly bred from the finest parent plants.

 Archive Seed Bank

Archive boasts an extensive line of cannabis strains, all of which provide benefits that range from medical to recreational. ThaDocta, along with his team of breeders, is proud to offer these rare and unique cannabis strains to marujuana enthusiasts across the world. Some of their varieties have earned recognition from prestigious pro-marijuana organizations as High Times. They have also received various awards in marijuana competitions, including High Times' own Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup. Today, Archive continues developing new strains utilising their stores of rare, diverse specimens.



Barney's Farm

Barney’s farm is a brand that has been around since the 1980s collecting fine genetic specimens from all around the world. Bringing all of this together in their labs, they can create the finest and rarest strains which are then available to the public at very reasonable prices.  

 Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is one of those seed banks which is really into its unique genetics. Personally I always think that is a rather refreshing attitude for a bank to have, rather than just supplying the most popular strains. In fact Big Buddha are responsible for a fair few popular strains themselves. They have created a huge array of strains, many of them based on the always popular Cheese. This world renowned strain was actually the work of the Big Buddha Seeds company and is envied by other breeders all over the planet who wish they had thought of it first.

 BlimBurn Seeds

 Blimburn is a Spanish brand that is hugely concerned with individuality.  They create unparalleled and high quality strains without repackaging seeds or producing for other brands.  Anything that you buy from Blimburn will be totally unique to them which in this day and age is quite the virtue.

Bodhi Seeds

The Bodhi Seeds company is one of the cannabis world's most sought-after breeders owing to the genetics of their parent strains. They range from above-average to absolutely elite and these superior genetics allow them to produce seeds that are exceptionally reliable and consistent.


 Bomb Seeds

 All of Bomb Seeds’ strains have been grown in the Netherlands, under the observant eyes of experienced breeders, who hand-pick only the most perfectly matured, viable seeds from their library of stable, specially-bred strains.  All seeds are stored in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment, to keep them super-fresh until they need to go out to the ever-growing league of avid Bomb Seeds collectors all over the world.


 Buddha Seeds

 Buddha Seeds is a seed bank which can be found in Valencia, Spain. They are one of the nice, comfortable, and reliable seed banks. The type that have a throng of loyal customers who just won’t shop anywhere else. Who can blame them?
Buddha Seeds was one of the first brands to pick up the baton dropped by the Joint Doctor. By that I mean they helped to introduce auto flowering seeds to the masses. Auto flowering seeds are relied on by many people all over the world for their user-friendly aspects and their practical prowess.

 Burning Bush Nurseries

Although they are known for their clones coming from clean, healthy mother plants that are selected for their vigor and outstanding growth characteristics, Burning Bush Nurseries also develop feminised seeds as well. They proudly carry some of the hottest strains ranging from CBD-rich medicinal strains like Suzy-Q, to Fire OG Kush and Sour Diesel. They also have popular strains like Romulan, Girl Scout Cookie and Key Lime Pie. 



 Cali Connection

Since 2011 The Cali Connection have and continue to dominate the cannabis industry. In 2011 they cemented their place in the seed bank Hall of Fame by coming 3rd place in the Indica cup for Tahoe OG, and 2nd place in the Hybrid cup for Dead Head OG. The Cali Connection also went on to win the Seed Co. Hash Cup with the Tahoe OG Kush Wax.

The Cali connection are well-known for their strong OG flavours, like Tahoe and Deadhead OG’s. They are also known for creating original hybrid genetics from the San Fernando Valley OG parents, like Corleone Kush and Blackwater.

California Breeder Association

 When researching this brand we were somewhat gob-smacked by how incredibly professional they seemed. Nothing makes a customer feel safer with a brand than knowing that you are dealing with a reliable and safe company with high standards.

Not only that but they have a very refreshing attitude towards their growing. Basically they have figured out an excellent breeding system and want to help fellow growers get on the same path.


 Cannabiogen are a brand dedicated to travelling the world in order to find the rarest, highest quality, and most exciting strains in existence. From the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia to Pakistan, India, and Thailand.

They are not a brand that choose their strains rashly. Many years of study, testing, breeding, and assessment of the offspring goes into each of their products to ensure that their quality is up to their standards. This rigorous testing method has supplied them with a large range of high quality strains, all unique in some way ensuring that they provide something that will suit even the most discerning customer. 



 Cannaventure Seeds is a respected brand that is passionate about the potential for cannabis genetics to bring a wealth of benefits to mankind: As such, this philanthropic firm is committed to enriching the genetic library available to seasoned seed collectors everywhere by taking a quality-led approach to breeding.

CBD Botanic

CBD Botanic came into being after a group of some of the world’s foremost experts in cannabinoids decided that it was time to bring high quality products that contribute to research, customer well-being and the promotion of healthy living.
With over a decade of professional experience in the field of cannabinoid research and development, CBD Botanic really knows what it takes to produce outstanding medical strains, perfectly tailored to treat a range of specific illnesses.

 CBD Crew

 The CBD crew, as the name suggests, focus primarily on CBD heavy strains. The brand was created in 2009 by two gentlemen named Shantibaba, aka Mr Nice Seeds, and Jaime, Resin Seeds. These two have been experimenting with the balance of CBD in their strains, what they were driving for was the optimum 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. This is what they have accomplished.


 Centennial Seeds

In 2009 Centennial Seeds was founded by Ben Holmes in order to supply high quality strains to medical farmers. This gentleman saw an opening in the market for a new type of seed that was both reliable and of a high quality and so he took the opportunity to use his many years of experience for produce that seed. Mr Holmes had himself experienced immense difficulty in obtaining quality seeds for his own use and this is what drove him to be the one to supply the type of seeds that he, as a customer, required. Centennial Seeds was one of the first companies of its type in America.  

 Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds is a Dutch seed company founded in 1999 offering seeds which are easy to grow, reliable and 100% stable. Their original (landrace) seeds were imported from Jamaica, Thailand, and Colombia and were stocked in many coffee shops in Amsterdam before the modern varieties appeared.


Crop King Seeds

 Crop King Marijuana Seeds features 31 of the worlds best marijuana strains for sale in Feminized, Autoflowering, medical and regular varieties. You can buy their marijuana seeds online or at many retail locations in Canada and around the world.





 It all began in 2002 when the Dinafem team first began their technical research, which lasted throughout the entire year, and began to figure out all the little ins and outs of growing area and botanical aspects, playing with different strains and parent plants. They focused heavily on the genetics of their plants which is very important if you want to create the best quality possible. 

 DJ Short

Widely recognised as one of the finest brands out there for quality, DJ Short has been in operation since the 1970s.  For all of this time he has worked on only a few strains and breeds of cannabis in order to produce the best quality that he can instead of focusing purely on quantity. This brand has truly raised the bar for breeders everywhere and has produced some of the most interesting and individual strains on the market today. None can rival many of the strains that he is the most famous for including the blueberry and flo strains. These are prime examples of experiments that paid of perfectly and really are for the true cannabis lovers out there.


 DNA Genetics

 DNA Genetics are considered one of the most popular seed companies in the world. DNA Genetics Seeds was initially established in America, founded by two guys who love cannabis. Don and Aaron found that the USA was not so cannabis friendly, so they moved to Amsterdam thus creating DNA Genetics in 2004.


Dready Seeds

Since 2002 Dready Bob has been cultivating, perfecting and producing the popular seeds everyone knows and loves. You won't find page after page of cannabis strains from Dready Seeds, just 5 quality hybrids each cover one of the main types of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, Mixed and Ruderalis).


Dutch Passion

 Dutch Passion is, rather unsurprisingly, a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. They have been in the business since 1987. They are best known for being the first company to implement the feminised seed which was a huge breakthrough in growing technology. They have a fantastically informative website in which they supply information about all of their strains, including the THC and CBD content.



Eva Seeds

In the world of cannabis seeds, Eva Seeds is a name synonymous with great value, beginner-friendly strains and exotic genetics for the more adventurous souls out there.
Something that you can be sure of when you add an Eva Seeds strain to your collection is that each seed will be big on flavour, huge on yields and of the highest possible genetic quality.



 Female Seeds

 15 years of breeding experience has allowed him to create feminised seeds that will grow consistently into quality plants. This is obtained through the arduous process of breeding, cross-breeding, carefully selecting, and testing many different strains in order to create the perfect feminised seeds. 

 Flash Seeds

Flash seeds is a new and up-and-coming company that specialises in auto flowering seeds. The main breeder has worked for many years in order to create his desired strains and is an extremely experienced and talented professional. This breeder, known as Stitch, is in love with auto flowering plants therefore he only brings in other top quality breeders who love auto flowering as much as he does that will work completely under his supervision. 

Flying Dutchman

For true cannabis seed connoisseurs, few brands are as fondly celebrated as the famous Flying Dutchmen (TFD).

This legendary brand has been selling top-quality, great-value seeds since the late 1990s:  A tradition which continues to this day, with their catalogue of strains only increasing in quality and quantity with each passing year.

Whilst no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip to these guys’ store.

French Touch Seeds

 French Touch Seeds is a collective of respected, passionate breeders whose name is synonymous with healthy, serenely easy to grow seed strains.  Thanks to their philosophy which places an emphasis on simplicity, recycling and economy, this breeder produces affordable, connoisseur-grade strains with an unmistakeable touch of Gallic flair.



 G13 Labs

G13 Labs have been breeding cannabis seeds since the 1980s, in the north of the UK. The original cannabis breeders set up an underground collective which then made its way to Amsterdam where G13 Labs formed connections with various other experienced marijuana seed breeders. They now have a select number of experienced breeders from across the world that have a highly proven track record and have established their own cannabis seeds strains.

 Gage Green Seeds

 The purpose of Gage Green Seeds, and what they do exceptionally well, is to improve upon the world's most elite cannabis strains by isolating the best genetics and replicating plants that out-perform their predecessors in quality and yield. Their selection process is painstaking to say the least.

 Grand Daddy Purple Genetics

Grand Daddy Purp is famed for producing strains that give you a high level of pain relief without causing you to completely zone out. This is very important for those who need to take medical marijuana as whilst they obviously require the relief from the symptoms of their illness no one wants to be in a constant state of disorientation and fatigue.  


Grass-O-Matic is a Spanish brand which began in 2007 and which focuses on feminised and auto flowering seeds, often mixed together.  They were famously the first brand in the world to produce feminised auto flowering seeds which shows how adventurous they are with their breeding and how effective their breeding and testing has been. They feel it is very important to be constantly on the cutting edge of seed technology.  Through many years of testing and adopting a careful selection process they have been able to produce some of the most stable strains of feminised auto flowering seeds on the market.

 Greenhouse Seed Co.

The Greenhouse Seed company has one of the most impressive and popular seed companies in the world today. They create wonderful strains of medicinal and recreational cannabis that can only be found to be supplied by them, completely and utterly unique aromas and flavours.

In 1985 the Greenhouse Seeds Co. was established in Amsterdam by Arjan Roskam and since then the company has spread all over the world.




 HazeMan Seeds

 Hazeman have always been interested in old school strains that have been around for a long time and are still immensely popular. They have paid special attention to their collection of Indica strains. Despite this they still provide a host of new and upcoming strains to ensure that they cater to all types of customer. The interest in the older strains is, in fact, where the name of the company came from. Haze was one of the first strains bred by the company and so they felt that the moniker was fitting.


Holy Smoke Seeds

 Holy Smoke Seeds strains are always so well received with great results. They offer both regular and female cannabis seeds from a very select pool of genetics. Offering some of the finest genetics to some from a blend of Africa and European origins, Holy SmokeSeeds focus on profit before product. It's this dedication that is fast securing Holy Smoke Seeds place as a very select seedbank offering only premium cannabis genetics.


House of the Great Gardner

 House of the Great Gardener care a great deal about their customers and want to make sure that they can always supply something that suits the customer. Along side this desire to please the customers their primary concern is quality control. They want nothing more than to ensure that their customers are receiving a quality product as their strains are medicinal.


Humboldt Seed Organization

 This is a very professional company which cares a great deal about the quality and medical integrity of their produce and so the collective of breeders and scientists that make up Humboldt Seeds have been working tirelessly for many years, testing and collecting the finest strains that they have been able to hunt down. They are truly a company completely obsessed with quality.


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 Cannabis Seed Breeders

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 Kaliman Seeds is a brand that focuses mainly on the cheese strain of marijuana. The brand was started by a man named Rockster who is thought to have been breeding for somewhere in the region of four decades.  This extremely experienced breeder set out on a mission and that was to perfect his Cheese clone.  He had tried a plethora of Cheese clone strains and had thought them all to be lacking, to be nothing like the original plant and therefore pointless.

 Kannabia Seed Company

 Kannabia Seeds is a Spanish brand that was for many years at the forefront of Spanish seed banks and is still considered one of the best available brands in Spain. They are extremely dedicated to their customers and provide an extensive catalogue of new and interesting seeds and strains that would fit even the pickiest pallet.


Karma Genetics

 Not only is Karma Genetics an immensely high quality seed bank but they truly care about their customers. They pride themselves on remaining affordable not matter how high the quality of their product gets. They have introduced some of the finest strains currently on the market and their work with cross breeding genetics is hard to beat.


 KC Brains

 Dutch company based in Amsterdam and they have been in action since 1979. They have already built up quite the following with their budget strains. Now budget does not mean poor quality, even though this brand sells their seeds at a far lower price than others they still supply some of the world’s favourites.




La Plata Labs

 La Plata Labs was established by an elite group of skilled and experienced breeders whose aim is not only to create new and exciting cannabis strains, but to create varieties that are truly the best they can be. Those who have grown these seeds and experienced the product they produce agree that they have repeatedly succeeded in reaching that goal.


Loud Seeds

 For many years Loud Seeds has been creating the finest cannabis strains with just a close group of Californian breeders. Even though Loud Seeds itself was created in 2007 the breeders who make up the company have been together since 2001. Loud Seeds first became an official European company when they won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012.

Lowlife Seeds

 The good people of Lowlife Seeds are not only experienced breeders and growers but also experienced smokers.  They know what even the pickiest of smokers are looking for in the market and intend to supply it. They are also dedicated to creating an auto flowering plant for all occasions, fast flowering, feminised, larger yield, higher potency, whatever you specifically want from your plant, they can provide.



 Medical Seeds

 The brand guarantees between 50%-100% germination for all of their seeds and suggests that one can expect 50% of them to be female. They also point out that the yield will usually be high, but this depends completely on the climate in which the customer grows the seeds (especially when it comes to lighting).   All of this brand’s new strains are rigorously tested for quality before going on sale.

 Mephisto Genetics

 Based in Spain, Mephisto Genetics has been experimenting with various breeding and cultivating methods to discover how to produce plants with the strongest, most desirable traits possible. They have amassed a comprehensive knowledge of the strains they utilise and that expert knowledge is evident in every strain they produce.

Ministry Of Cannabis

Operations in the Netherlands and Spain, with their vastly experienced team, the Ministry of Cannabis offers an incredible selection of seeds, with an emphasis on preserving classic genetics whilst innovating with bold new strains.

 Mosca Seeds

 Mainly they work with the finest strains of US marijuana, this way they can make sure that their strains have sturdy genetic foundations. They primarily work with Skunk and Indica bases, these themselves originates from some of the finest American genetics. They then find new, exciting, and high quality strains to breed into these foundations to create something that retains the quality of the original strains.

Mr.Nice Seeds

 Mr Nice Seedbank is dedicated to producing the finest strains of cannabis and maintaining a very professional working environment. All of the seeds are grown and harvested indoors within pollen proofed rooms so that they have complete and utter control over all breeding. This way they can ensure that only their finest plants breed and that there is no accidental seed manufacturing. Just because they are grown and harvested indoors does not mean that they have to be grown indoors.




 Nirvana Seeds

 Nirvana Seeds is a brand whose seed and experimentation history goes back many years, since the tail end of the 1980s.  Like most of the best brands they began in Amsterdam where the founder of Nirvana Seeds was working in the most famous grow shop in Amsterdam.


 Northwest Exclusive Genetics

 Being based in the beautiful Pacific North West of the USA, Northwest Exclusive Genetics has spread its breeding operations across Washington State, Oregon and Colorado, with its efforts now consisting of a network of like-minded individuals, all devoted to quality of the highest standard.



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 Cannabis Seed Breeders

Index of Master Cannabis Seed Producers

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 Paradise Seeds

 According to the company, their long time effort has resulted in quality, which is unparalleled amongst their competition. They guarantee a 95% germination rate, provided the soil and growing parameters are right. Most of their varieties are strong, vigorous F1 cannabis hybrids, the result of crossing stable strains. These strains are developed to grow indoors. The other varieties can be grown outdoors in milder, sunnier regions, like France, Italy or Spain.

 Philosopher Seeds

 Philosopher Seeds is a seed bank which was first formed in 2008. Since then they have been dedicated to supplying their customers with the very best strains. A number of which they themselves have bred, crossed and stabilised. The company was born when a number of growers, dissatisfied with the general quality of affordable cannabis, joined forces in order to create a new level of merchandise.

 Positronic Seeds

 Positronics has been a legendary name in the world of cannabis seed breeding, ever since the company was founded back in 1985.
This seed company is famed across the globe for its outstanding strains.

 Professor Paul Seeds

They are old time Medical Cannabis patients who seek strains from around the world. We have "locked down" several types of MEDICAL strains in hopes of helping thousands relieve their MEDICAL conditions.

 Pyramid Seeds

 Collectors everywhere have been buzzing about the incredible flavours, high yield potential and overall classiness of each strain produced by this top breeder.



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 Cannabis Seed Breeders

Index of Master Cannabis Seed Producers

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 Rare Dankness

 Rare Dankness's aim is to supply the best quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana community. Rare Dankess believe the road to legalization is through education.


 One of Canada's pioneer cannabis breeding operations. They entered the cannabis scene back in 1996, operating as Prairie Seeds. They later sold under the Prairie Fire label under Emery Direct distribution. If you are familiar with any of these names, you already know about Reeferman. You also know the quality of the products they develop.

 Reggae Seeds

 By selectively picking prime genetics and making superb-quality crosses, it has become possible for Reggae Seeds to create an impressive library of seed strains which possess incredible medical potential, rock-solid stability and superb genetic characteristics.

 Reserva Privada

 They are made up of a group of breeders who are based on the West Coast of the United States. They came together as Reserva Privada to make their excellent cannabis strains available to the world, such as, Silver Bubble and Kosher Kush.

 Resin Seeds

 Resin Seeds is a Spanish brand which was founded in 2008 by a gentleman named Jamie. He has been involved in the Spanish growth scene since 1998 when he opened his first shop in Barcelona. Since that time his experience has increased greatly as he was involved in a plethora of grow shop projects, he has even spoken at a few grow seminars.

Royal Queen Seeds

 They understand how difficult it can be for customers when they are presented with an unnaturally large selection of seeds, how does anyone know what to go for? So they have narrowed their selection down to only the finest and highest quality seeds without sacrificing any of the variety or jacking up their prices.




 Seedism Seeds in Amsterdam was established in 2004 by three friends and experienced growers who met at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam in 1999. They offer a cannabis strains with a perfectly balanced cannabinoid profile that provide relief from various physical ailments. All their seeds have been produced using only 100% organic products. Every strain is easy to grow, uniform and can be grown both indoor and outdoor.


 Seedsman is a brand that focuses primarily on the protection of genetic variations and the different strains of cannabis that have occurred over the years. Their main aim is to keep these strains alive and well until such a time as governments begin to realise the therapeutic and medicinal properties of cannabis.

Sensi Seeds

 Ben Dronkers has always understood how extraordinary the cannabis plant is and what a positive effect it could have if it did not have such a negative and undeserved reputation. So he decided that someone needed to preserve this amazing plant for future generations in all of its forms, strains, and seed types. Every delightful little quirk protected. Ben is also passionate about spreading this information, alerting the public to the many fantastic properties contained within cannabis.

 Serious Seeds

 Serious Seeds strive to develop new and interesting high-quality varieties of cannabis seeds. Serious Seeds also produce plants with good medicinal properties, which are stable and easy to grow. Lab tests have shown that their strains produce some of the strongest plants (highest in THC-content) available on the market today, averaging between 18-22% THC.


SickMeds Seeds

They are constantly reviving old lines and are eager to share them with a new generation of enthusiasts and growers. Even more, their work includes creating feminised versions of classic strains once only available in regular form.



 Sin City Seeds

Las Vegas, 2010 where it all began. A group of underground breeders with a passion for medical marijuana (MMJ) set out to change the way the world sees cannabis from a therapeutic perspective. That group of visionaries is known today as Sin City Seeds. They exist for the sole purpose of producing unique, DANK varieties with impressive yields.

 Soma Seeds

 The creator of the brand, named Soma funnily enough, fell in love with marijuana at the tender age of 18. He was working as a mail clerk at the time; a colleague helped him to roll a couple of joints. He went down to the river in his suit and had his first joint, according to him he fell in love with the calm feeling there and then. How lovely.

 Strain Hunters

The Strain Hunters are names Arjan, Franco and Simon and they travel the world spreading the message of cannabis. They are showing people everywhere the true value of the plant itself as well as the many ways in which is can have a positive impact on society and the people within it. This is a group that really knows their stuff and they discuss not only the day dreamy reasons as to why cannabis would be legal but they really consider the reality of the idea.  

Sweet Seeds

 Each of their seeds goes through a rigorous testing period, being hand selected, thoroughly tested, and inspected before they are deemed suitable for production. They ensure that they are provided with the perfect climate, lighting, and temperature to produce the best results possible and keep the seeds fresh and potent.

The only seeds that are allowed to slip through the net are those with a 95% or higher germination rate.



 TGA Subcool Seeds

 TGA Subcool Seeds is a brand which focuses on medical marijuana and was started up in 2001. This group of experienced breeders got sick and tired of the normal standards of medical marijuana and so instead started to source information from thousands of other medical marijuana growers so that they could improve their standards.


The Seven Dwarfs

 They create high quality strains which produce a huge amount of buds, this means that they are perfect for those who are a little short on space and who need to grow in bulk. They offer a huge amount of variety at only the highest quality. Many brands focus on small amounts of strains keeping them at a high quality which is absolutely fine and can be a great way to go but if you have the capability to produce a large amount seeds at the same quality then it sounds like a pretty good idea.


 The Bulldog Seeds

 Teaming up with some of the world's leading cannabis seed breeders, they spent many years collecting genetics and invested in research and development to make sure that only the highest quality cannabis strains are released. The Bulldog Seed Company offers a selection of the finest feminised and regular marijuana seed strains.


 The Real Seed Company

 Founded in 2007, The Real Seed Company are very worried about the biodiversity of cannabis and want to do everything they can to maintain the basic genetic structures. This way people can collect their seeds for the future when they may be legal. It would be rather tragic if when cannabis is eventually legal we had lost all of the best genetic strains.  



T.H. Seeds is one of the oldest cannabis seed companies in Holland as it was formed in 1993. It began in the C.I.A. (Cannabis In Amsterdam), a Cannabis information centre, which was a world renowned seed shop and the first hemp store in Europe. 



Tropical Seeds

 A relatively new player in the cannabis cultivation market, Tropical Seeds has positioned themselves as a fully-functional breeder with an initial offering of a variety of strains that are both of impressive quality and are also unique. All of their cultivation projects take place in greenhouse and outdoor environments.


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Index of Master Cannabis Seed Producers

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 World of Seeds

 All World of Seeds wants to do is spread the word about how amazing the effects of medicinal cannabis can be. Cannabis, medical or no, usually is judged very quickly by society as being a menace. However the amazing things that can now be achieved for a number of different debilitating illnesses and diseases are really something. This company emphasises what marijuana is already being used for medically, anti-emetics and analgesics, and what they could be used for in the future, antioxidants and antispasmodic agents.


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 Cannabis Seed Breeders

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