Tip #4 - Not using preventatives before signs of pests or powder mildew can destroy your cannabis crop.  
Update Sept 24, 2016 Canadians with a medical marijuana card can now grow
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Health Canada Home-Growing Cannabis Plant Cultivation Calculator

Here is the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) and former Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) plant calculator for your personal home growing licence limits.

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There are 32 known species and subspecies of cannabis with hundreds of different strains. A strain of cannabis means mixing two or more varieties of cannabis through breeding, to create an endless amount of flavors, colors, and medical effects.

To a botanist, there is no plant on this earth named marijuana.

 Cannabis, also known as marijuana (from the Mexican Spanish marihuana), and by other names, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant intended for industrial and medical use.

 For the purpose of using cannabis as a medicine, we will only discuss the following.
There are three distinctly different varieties of cannabis.

Which cannabis seeds to grow will depend on many things, not least which type of cannabis you actually prefer. When choosing a cannabis strain for medicinal purposes, you may refer to this Cannabis Strains vs Medical Symptoms section.

Some careful home research will make the selection much more rewarding. *Some cannabis seeds are adapted and engineered to grow indoors, while some seeds are best suited for growing outdoors.


Some strains of cannabis is much more difficult to grow than others. Similarly, some have been engineered to be easy to grow, resistant to pests and can handle a lot more stress. The less experienced the grower, the more important it is to choose an easy strain to grow.

Indica and Sativa seeds

Cannabis seeds basically fit into two categories; Indica and Sativa. Breeders will often cross strains to change the growing or properties of the originals. The reason to do this is different for each cross strain. Sometimes it is to increase the yield, sometimes to increase the potency. It can also be used to strengthen the plant and to achieve a more consistent result.

Indicas tend to be shorter, stockier plants which have smaller, denser and much smellier buds. Indicas also flower much earlier than Sativas, usually with a 6-9 week flowering period.

Sativa strains will grow much bigger and the buds will be less compact. Some strains may take up to 90 days to mature.

Sexing Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis also evolved into both male and female species. Some plants also go hermaphrodite (both sexes) when stressed.

The female plant is the desired species for growing, and anything else, including seeds should be destroyed by the everyday grower. With a keen eye, anyone can easily sex cannabis seeds. Please Read Sexing Here

The Basic Essentials to High Yielding Medical Marijuana Plants

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