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Cannabinoids - they activate CB receptors and are made in your body, cannabis or labs.
Cannabinomimetic – acts like a cannabinoid
Capacitation - chemical changes in a sperm that let it fertilize an egg.
Carcinoma - cancer
Cachexia – severe wasting away due to illness
Caveolae - little caves or pits in the cell membrane that trap fluids
CCK – an intestinal homone that tell you that you are full and satisfiedCell oncosis – the cells fill with water and calcium, their proteins denature, and they die.
Central nervous system/CNS - the brain and spinal cord
Chemotaxis - the movement of a cell or bacteria toward, or from a stimulus (food or a poison)
Cholinergics - drugs that inhibit, enhance, or mimic the action of acetylcholine
Chondrocytes - the only kind of cells found in healthy cartilage
Chronic – long term
Cirrhosis – scarring (usually) of the liver, impairing function
Claustrum - a thin, irregular, sheet of neurons attached to the bottom of the brain’s neocortex
Cogeners - related chemicals
Colocalize - to occur together in the same cell.
Corticolimbic circuits - brain circuits that control cognitive and emotional behavioral processes.
COX-2 - a key enzyme that oxidizes Anandamide
Cross tolerance – tolerence to a drug causes tolerance to another, similar, drug
Cryofixed - frozen with liquid nitrogen for electron microscopic examination
Cutaneous – pertaining to the skin
Cytotoxic – poisonous to living cells
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