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Cannabis Sustainability

There’s a reason cannabis is widely known as ‘weed’—because it grows like one. In fact, cannabis is such a prolific plant that a vast majority eradicated by the DEA is non-psychotropic ‘ditch weed’ that spread across the rural U.S. when hemp was still an American agricultural staple.

Because of its fast and abundant growth, cannabis requires a high amount of nutrient uptake that depletes the soil and requires often needs fertilizer supplementation. Until the legalization of Cannabis in states like Colorado and California, growing marijuana was often an ecologically unfriendly practice. Illegal growers often set up operations deep in the forest where they would dam streams and literally dump bags of fertilizer into the artificial ponds they created to water their crops.

All this sounds like a lot of environmental doom and gloom, but legalization has changed all that. Allowed to come out of the shadows of criminalized cultivation, the newly legitimized cannabis industry has plunged headlong into tackling the environmental concerns of high yield pot production—something most other new industries of the past cared little to do until forced to do so by the public.

It’s no surprise that cannabis culture, having emerged from the environmentally enlightened period of the 1960s, quickly embraced sustainable practices. Both indoor and outdoor growers have been busily been devising new and inventive ways of lessening the environmental footprint of cannabis cultivation.

Take Kind Love cultivation and dispensary for example—a business that has led the industry in creating one of the cleanest and most high tech grow operations. The company’s advanced air and water filtration systems coupled with the use of organic nutrients produces not only a purer and safer product but also minimizes environmental impact—something we wish big-agro would take into consideration more when growing our food.

Since Colorado cannabis legalization in 2014, business and government have cooperated hand in hand to make adult cannabis use safer and more environmentally friendly. Such a cooperative approach is almost unprecedented in the history of American business and indicates the good will and future prosperity brought by legal cannabis.

For more information on ways that government and businesses in Colorado have worked together to make legal cannabis production a safe and sustainable industry for generations to come, check out the websites for the Denver Department of Environmental Health and the 2016 Cannabis Sustainability Symposium.

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